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Actian’s March Topcoder Challenges

Actian Corporation

March 24, 2018

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Actian is sponsoring three challenges on Topcoder this month, featuring our Vector and Zen database products and thousands of dollars in prizes. All you need to do is sign on to Topcoder (for free), read and follow the instructions for the competition, and win! It’s that easy. Now, the challenges are different, and some require a bit more work than others. Here’s an overview:

  • Actian Vector Data Visualization – Tutorial Creation Challenge: Your objective will be to successfully link, analyze, and visualize data from Actian Vector using the data visualization tool of your choice, and to create a tutorial that other developers can easily follow. We’ll be giving away a total of $5,000 USD for this challenge.
  • MS SQL Server to Actian Vector Schema Conversion Challenge: We need help from the community to implement Part 2 of the DBMV schema conversion tool that will make it easy for Business Systems Analysts, DevOps Engineers, Developers, Database Administrators, and Data Scientists to move data from an existing SQL Server on Azure database into Actian Vector. And we’re prepared to pay for your help—with prizes up to $1,200 USD for the 1st place winner!
  • Actian Zen Client Reporting Engine Challenge: We’re rewarding $100 to the first successful 100 entrants that test out our new Actian Zen Server and Client Reporting Engine to compare execution times. Sign up today and learn a little about Actian Zen!

Topcoder is a well-known site where coders from around the world can enter in coding competitions for real-world cash prizes and more. Check out Topcoder and each of our challenges to learn more, and good luck!

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