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Jana Whitcomb Joins as VP, Channel Partnerships & Business Development

Actian Corporation

December 5, 2017

Jana Whitcomb

I am excited to be at Actian and working with a Bay Area company again to help build our partner and business development organization! While driving the 101 (with all its crazy traffic), I’m reminded of my first job out of college – sales at Otis Elevator. Yes, people actually sell elevators – I helped build out the Cisco campus and the Crossroads buildings. It was while selling elevators in the Bay Area and living in Palo Alto that I got to wondering what everyone is up to here.  Seems like a lot of growth and nice cars, so I asked my neighbor, “What do you do?” and he said, “Sell software.” Long story short, I ended up at my first software sales job at Oracle.

With over 20 years in the business now it seems like a long time since my first day rollerblading on University Avenue. Born and raised in Kirkland, Washington, I moved back pretty soon after I arrived in the Bay Area and now live in Sammamish, Washington with my wonderful husband and stud of a dog Fred. I enjoy driving around in Nanabug, running, golfing and hanging with friends. And rooting for the Huskies – go DAWGS!

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