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Announcing a New Actian ODBC Connector in the Tableau Extension Gallery

Chris Clark

August 21, 2020

Actian ODBC connector

There’s now an easier way to connect to Actian Data Platform from Tableau using the new Actian ODBC connector available in the Tableau Extension Gallery.

Actian and Tableau have partnered for the past several years to deliver a seamless connectivity experience to our customers. To take advantage of Tableau’s latest analytical features, the two teams engaged in the development of an improved Tableau connector leveraging Tableau’s new Connector SDK. The benefits you will see with the new connector is support for Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions, no need for a TDC file, as well as a more streamlined connection dialog as well as easier updates when new features are added.

The new connector is featured in the Tableau Extensions Gallery, where users can download the connector and quickly start their analysis in Tableau! The new connector for Actian Data Platform is created and supported by Actian and is available for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server.

Users should get the latest connector from Tableau, but if you want to change how things work, you can pull the code down and modify it to suit your purpose. The Actian connector is open source so you can see how the sausage is made by checking out this link. There is also early access to a version of a JDBC-based connector (the ODBC one is the recommended connector with Tableau).

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