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New Actian India Office

Pamela Fowler

July 26, 2019

India New Office

We would like to make everyone aware that on July 16, 2019, we announced the launch of our new Actian India facility hosted by HCL. This is very exciting news for the team in India. The team has grown to the point that a new and larger facility was needed. As well, we needed to provide a more robust infrastructure for the team (long overdue).

As a result, we are moving our location to the Cessna Business Park in Bangalore. This new facility follows along the lines of what we did with our new Austin facility and what we want to do with all of our facilities in the future. Also for the India team, this now provides them with all the added benefits of all of our other Actian office locations such as the same hardware (laptops, monitors, etc.) as well as a major technology upgrade which includes:

  • Much larger Internet Pipe (100Mb).
  • Same wireless (Actian-Corp, Actian-Guest) as other sites.
  • Computers joined to Actian domain, primary ids will be
  • Local IT Management, under Actian Global IT supervision.
  • Still have work-at-home ability with VPN.
  • Will be testing SD-WAN capabilities from Aryaka in September to help solve latency issues.
  • Meraki advanced networking technology that provides us with significantly enhanced security.

Also as part of this, Durgaprasad Das, who has been leading our operations along with some other companies operations under Indecomm, will be moving into a full-time role working exclusively for Actian leading and building our team.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 we took the team to tour the new facility and we then all participated in a celebration of our new facility and our 1-year anniversary of Actian’s relationship with HCL.

We are very excited for the team in India and we look forward to the improved productivity and the growth opportunities this will provide.

As well, this continues our efforts towards making the team feel more like ‘Actian’ as we continue to drive on One Actian as a company in support of our future growth plans.

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About Pamela Fowler

Pamela Fowler is currently Vice President, Global Support and Managed Services managing the Global Enterprise Support Services delivery team at Actian Corporation. Pamela is responsible for the entire supporting infrastructure, strategic direction and tactical execution of the global support and managed services organizations. She controls all aspects of the global support and services delivery model, policies, procedures and infrastructure, and provides strategic leadership by representing the ‘voice of the customer’ to management across all functional areas within Actian.