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Intern Summer Snapshot – #2

Rae Coffman-Bueb

August 11, 2022

Get to know the members of the Actian intern summer series 2022 in depth

For the month of August, we will be sharing a weekly post about our interns, their insights into the program, and how they’ve been developing their professional skills. For the second installment of our Intern Summer Series, we take an in-depth look at what our interns, Andi Wagner, Ashwin Ramakrishna, and Josh Reyes have been up to this summer!

Andi Wagner
Software Engineering Intern

Andi has spent the summer working as a Software Engineering Intern for the DataConnect Development Department where she has been developing an Apache Camel Extension for Actian DataConnect. Their work will allow for consumer use of Camel routes without extensive knowledge of the Apache Camel rules and framework making Actian DataConnect even more user-friendly and efficient.

Andi is happy to have developed proficiency in both DataConnect and Apache Camel, both of which they were unfamiliar with prior to her internship. She has also gained great insight into how software development occurs in a company and what it means to code professionally.

Andi will always be grateful for her Intern Orientation. She believes nothing could top that “best week” of fun activities and getting to know one another!

Ashwin Ramakrishna
Revenue Operations Analyst Intern

While at Actian, Ashwin works within the Business Development Team as the Revenue Operations Analyst Intern where they are developing an automated sales recommendation engine through Excel to simplify the pursuit and acquisition of leads. From hands-on experience, Ashwin now maintains a better understanding of what it is like to work within Revenue Operations and is well-versed in the lead-to-sale conversion process.

Ashwin has learned so much from the consistent feedback and collaboration within the Development Team and credits the entire team for his growth, as they have been extremely welcoming and eager to share their thoughts and professional insight. This internship has also furthered Ashwin’s interest in revenue operations -they believe it to be an essential aspect of all industries- and would like to use their experiences at Actian to get further involved in this field. #ShoutOutRevOpsTeam!

Joshua Reyes
Finance Intern

Josh has spent his summer working as a Finance Intern for the Finance Department where he has primarily worked on developing forecasting models for the future yearly costs for each of Actian’s cloud service providers. He has enjoyed furthering his collaboration skills and his understanding of forecast model building.

Working full-time in a professional finance setting has given Josh hands-on experience in the flow and function of a working finance team. This experience has supported his passion for developmental financial planning and analysis, and he has enjoyed furthering his understanding of the tech industry and prowess for finance.

Josh is most grateful to have worked with such skilled professionals and to have learned from their mentorship and experiences. He would like shoutout his manager, Mike Laquian and Buddy, Chris Saulsbury, for their guidance and support!

Meet the new team of Actian interns 2022

If you are a student interested in gaining real-world experience and tangible skills and want to foster your own professional growth in a flexible virtual setting, we encourage you to submit your resume for consideration for our Actian Summer Internship Program!

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