The details are in the data. Dig a little deeper and realize the power of business-altering data analytics. Start today by downloading our free trial versions of Actian products.

Experience Actian’s high performance analytics and data processing products firsthand. Use the table below to choose the product that best addresses your business needs.

Actian Analytics Platform Download Guide

Actian Analytics Platform Download Guide

Actian Analytics Platform - Express Hadoop SQL Edition


Trying to figure out how to analyze all that Hadoop data using existing SQL tools and resources? And, without an army of MapReduce programmers? Transform Hadoop into a fully function analytics platform for free.

  • Load, transform and analyze up to 250GB of Hadoop data
  • Analyze Hadoop data 30x faster without MapReduce coding
  • Give business users industrialized SQL in Hadoop access

Actian Analytics Platform - Express Extreme Performance Edition


Got slow BI performance problems? No problem! Quick start your BI analytics with the free Actian Express Edition for the highest performing analytics.

  • Load, transform, and analyze up to 250GB of ANY data
  • Build re-usable analytical workflows visually without coding
  • Accelerate analytics processing over 10x faster

Actian Analytics Database - Vector


Business complaining about slow BI queries? No problem! Turbocharge your BI analytics with the world’s fastest TPC-benchmarked analytics database.

  • Run complex quieries against billions of records ins econds
  • Deploy BI projects faster without the risk and complexity
  • Experience performance gains of 10x over traditional databases

Operational Databases and more


Try out one of our Operational Databases (Ingres, Versant, PSQL, OpenROAD) already used by 10,000+ customers to handle their mission-critical data management and analysis requirements.

  • Learn more about Actian’s relational, object and embedded database offerings
  • Access full versions of all Actian products along with patches and documentation

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