Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouse Jan 2020

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Top 4 Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouses By Early Adopter Research

Get the facts you need to make the smart choice 

Persistent myths of the cloud data warehouse

If you are thinking about modernizing your legacy enterprise data warehouse, you may be looking at cloud data warehouses as a logical next step.

And you may assume that all cloud data warehouses lead to significant savings. But not all cloud data warehouses are created equal. And for many, costs can add up in unexpected ways.   

In this white paper “Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouses” by Early Adopter Research, we debunk this myth and other common misconceptions around cloud data warehouses, and discuss what to watch out for during evaluation so you can make the smart choice.


You will learn:

  • Myths that surround various key features of a cloud datawarehouse like performance, use of storage etc.
  • Why companies need to carefully inspect the feature offerings of their platform to identify the right solution for their use case
  • How a hybrid data warehosue is critical for the success of your analytics environment and much more.

Read this report and make an informed decision for your modern enterprise. 

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