Zen Edge database Evaluation Edition

On the Edge? Achieve a Zen State of Mind

Actian Zen: The First Edge Optimized Embedded Database

Actian Zen Edge database Optimized for Embedding in Applications and Smart Devices

The Actian Zen Edge database is revolutionary, optimized for locally persisted and distributed data, an essential element of applications developed for today’s smart devices at the edge, intelligent gateways and edge-cloud environments. It’s the world’s first zero-dba, nano-footprint, multi-architecture DBMS for applications at the network’s edge. For the first time, developers have a seamless way to move data across the enterprise, branch office or factory floor, from device to device, platform to platform in a single, highly customizable database designed for the IoT era. Code once and deploy simultaneously to ARM and Intel-powered systems, running Linux, Raspbian, Windows, Android and iOS environments.

Developers – Accelerate your IoT Development today.

Install Actian Zen and gain a higher sense of enlightenment as you develop and deliver applications to customers at massive scale for a diverse set of devices. Your opportunity now has no limits.

Evaluate our Actian Zen Edge database for free to see for yourself. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.  Actian Zen embedded database features:

  • Zero-DBA  – no maintenance requirements
  • SQL and NoSQL User interfaces
  • Seamless data movement between applications – no ETL required
  • Multi-architecture – standalone, client-server, peer-to-peer
  • Comprehensive cross-platform support
  • Seamless Upgrade capability
  • Multi-platform, multi-version data portability
  • A small footprint, as small as just 2 MBytes

The Actian Zen Edge database is available to you today with a 30-day license with development and deployment on Intel and ARM, Windows and Linux, including 32-bit Raspbian.

Get started with our SDK and a sample application. To make things even more interesting, we’ve created the Actian Zen Edge database challenge – just run the sample apps, share the results back with us and win an incredibly cool Zen rock garden of your own. (Terms and conditions apply.)

Discover True Enlightenment by Downloading Zen Edge database Today

  1. Register for Zen Edge database
  2. Everything you need – Download the database, quick start guide, libraries and sample apps.
  3. Download the Zen Edge database Quickstart Guide
  4. Fire up your Raspberry Pi, install Zen Edge database, run the application and share your results at results@actian.com

To learn more, please visit the Actian Zen product page here.


To make things interesting, we’re running the Zen Edge database Challenge. Prizes will be awarded to the first hundred successful submissions. *Winners in United States to receive a zen rock garden; all other winners to receive a USD$20 gift card. Click here for a detailed challenge description and the terms and conditions.

Enter the Challenge for a Chance to Win a Zen Rock Garden*

Actian Zen Free Trial FAQ

What do I need for an easy evaluation?

You will need a copy of the Actian Zen Edge database, evaluation sample application, libraries, and SDK. By filling in the form on this page (above, upper right side of the page), you will be sent to a thank you page with the download links. We’ll confirm everything with an email. And, naturally, it’s BYO Raspberry Pi.

How much time does it take to try Zen Edge database?

The  Quickstart Guide and Challenge Guidelines will walk you through how to install the database, load the sample data and run the sample queries. The product installation and sample data loads in minutes and the queries are very simple – just a few seconds to run. All told, you should have results in your hand in the time you normally take for a coffee break – minutes.

How do I get support?

Support will be provided by the community website. If you need us we will be there to help you.

What is the Actian Zen Edge database challenge?

After you have installed Zen Edge database, follow the challenge guidelines and email the results to results@actian.com for verification. Prizes will be awarded to the first one hundred successful submissions.

What are the prizes?

Winners will receive a miniature limited edition Actain Zen rock garden.

Zero-maintenance, Embedded, Nano Footprint Database

Zero DBA

Set it and forget it. Actian Zen Embedded databases are built for environments with low IT and no DBAs. Just install Actian Zen and let it run, and run, and run.

Data Portability

A common data type and file format across all Zen database products means moving data from ARM to Intel, or Windows to Linux to Raspbian is incredibly easy. Just copy files and go.

Large DB Features at a Small Price

Actian Zen offers ACID compliance, encryption, SQL and NoSQL, Zero-ETL, full security and more features you would expect to find on a more expensive DBMS.

Achieve Your Embedded database Zen Moment

Zero-Administration, Embedded, Nano Footprint DBMS
New! Zen Edge database for Raspbian and Windows IoT Core

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