Zen Core database for Android Topcoder Challenge

Achieve Your Moment of Zen at the Edge

Actian Zen Core database for Android: The First IoT Optimized Embedded Database for Android Apps

Get more value from the data in your Android and IoT Apps

The Actian Zen Core database for Android* brings locally persisted and distributed data capabilities to Android applications targeting SmartPhones and IoT devices at the edge, intelligent gateways and edge-cloud environments. It’s the world’s first zero-dba, nano-footprint (under 2MB), multi-architecture DBMS for applications at the network’s edge. For the first time, Android and IoT developers have a seamless way to move data across the enterprise, from device to device, platform to platform in a single, highly customizable database designed for the IoT era – and directly embeddable into your Android application. Code once and deploy simultaneously to ARM and Intel-powered systems, running the Android OS.

Actian Zen Core database for Android features:

  • Zero-DBA  – no maintenance requirements
  • SQL and NoSQL User interfaces
  • Seamless data movement between applications – no ETL required
  • Multi-architecture – standalone, client, peer-to-peer
  • A small footprint, as small as just 2 MBytes

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* – Android is a trademark of Google LLC

Join the Actian Zen Core database for Android Topcoder Challenge

The Topcoder Challenge kit includes:

  • Pre-beta version of Zen Core database for Android OS 5.0+ (Lollipop) or higher
  • Sample application, SDK, Quick Start guide – enough content to a) see how the pieces fit together and b) test a simple working application
  • 60-day license to develop on any Windows®, Linux® or Mac® OS X® platform supporting the Google IDE

** – Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
*** – Mac and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
**** – Linux is a registered trademark owned by Linus Torvalds, administered by the Linux Foundation

Join the Zen Core database for Android Topcoder Challenge

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