Zen Core database for Android Early Access Program

Achieve Your Moment of Zen at the Edge

Actian Zen Core database for Android: The First IoT Optimized Embedded Database for Android Apps

Extend your PSQL expertise to Android and IoT Apps

The Actian Zen Core database for Android* brings locally persisted and distributed data capabilities to Android applications targeting SmartPhones and IoT devices at the edge, intelligent gateways and edge-cloud environments. It’s the world’s first zero-dba, nano-footprint (under 2MB), multi-architecture DBMS for applications at the network’s edge. For the first time, Android and IoT developers have a seamless way to move data across the enterprise, from device to device, platform to platform in a single, highly customizable database designed for the IoT era – and directly embeddable into your Android application. Code once and deploy simultaneously to ARM and Intel-powered systems, running the Android OS.

Actian Zen Core database for Android features:

  • Zero-DBA  – no maintenance requirements
  • SQL and NoSQL User interfaces
  • Seamless data movement between applications – no ETL required
  • Multi-architecture – standalone, client, peer-to-peer
  • A small footprint, as small as just 2 MBytes

We are looking for a few key business partners to participate in an early access program for Zen Core database for Android.  Participating in the program will give you the chance to provide input that will greatly improve our product launch and influence its roadmap.

What We are Asking of Participants:

  • Feedback on the product, the documentation, samples, etc. and on the early access program. What else might you need to pick up and deploy Actian Zen databases in an application?
  • Discussion of a potential use case. Where can the Actian Zen databases help your business? Why are you considering embedding it in a Google App?  What’s your target for Android OS, a Smartphone App or IoT Edge device?
  • If you like what you see – a quote for the product launch
  • If you really like what you see – build a sample application

Register to get started!

* – Android is a trademark of Google LLC

Join the Actian Zen Core database for Android Early Access Program

The Early Access Program includes:

  • Pre-beta version of Zen Core database for Android OS 5.0+ (Lollipop) or higher
  • Sample application, SDK, Quick Start guide – enough content to a) see how the pieces fit together and b) test a simple working application
  • 60-day license to develop on any Windows®, Linux® or Mac® OS X® platform supporting the Google IDE
  • Actian Engineering support via a private forum with direct access as needed

** – Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
*** – Mac and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
**** – Linux is a registered trademark owned by Linus Torvalds, administered by the Linux Foundation

Join the Actian Zen Core database for Android Early Access Program

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