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Vector is an analytics database engine designed for high performance. Its record breaking speed delivers results faster than any of its competitors.

A free Vector Evaluation Edition is available to you today with a 30-day license key and unlimited data storage. Once you start using your free trial, you’ll discover why corporations such as PredictX use Vector. Plus, we’ll provide free access to our sales engineering experts.

What technical experience do I need?

Successful users of the Vector Evaluation Edition have some background in database administration, systems analysis, or software development, with a working knowledge of SQL. Please see the technical documentation for more information on how to use the software.

Why do I get from the Vector Evaluation Edition?

  • Query billions of records with extreme performance
  • Deploy analytics faster with less risk, complexity, and costly EDW projects
  • Get record breaking performance out-of-the-box

What should I expect from the trial?

We encourage people to push Vector to its limits with our Vector Speed-Up Challenge. It’s easy to get started with the sample data set we have created for you. Share your results, become this month’s winner, and have bragging rights over the rest of your peers.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Register for the Vector Evaluation Edition.
  2. Download the evaluation sample data set and get the set-up scripts and queries.
  3. Share your speed-up results at

Watch the Vector Evaluation video overview.

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