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Keep the SQL embedded footprint and add Speed, Scale, Security, and Server Capability

Actian Zen Edge Data Management:
Single, secure, scalable solution for IoT and Mobile Data Processing and Analytics

Actian Zen is a Zero-DBA, nano-footprint, multi-OS database, embeddable into any 64-bit ARM or Intel platform

10 Reasons to Upgrade from SQLite to Zen Benchmark Proves Performance Boost

Bringing the IoT to ERP: One Stop Shopping for Global Shop Solutions

Global Shop extends its use of Actian Zen Enterprise Server in its ERP software to shop floor IoT with Actian Zen Core.

“With the evolution of the Zen architecture, we can now deploy a small footprint/IoT-enabled database that can run in a serverless mode with just client libraries. That opens up whole new opportunities for customers to put inexpensive IoT-enabled devices into settings that used to require expensive PLC devices.”

“With Actian Zen data management products, we’ve been able to extend our integrated solutions in the classroom and across campuses to better track and manage students and institutional assets, extending our capabilities to IoT and mobile devices.”

– André Beauchamp, CEO, Plurilogic

Data integration made easy

SQLite is NOT Free

SQLite is Open Source and therefore initially free as is Actian Zen Core.  Actian Zen Core is over 100X faster than SQLite when using its NoSQL API. Further, SQLite’s serverless architecture limits its unaltered use to low-speed devices without multiple functions, data streams or applications – all commonplace use cases in IoT.  Any of these necessitates coding of add-on functionality already available out of the box with Actian Zen Edge, the client-server version of Actian Zen Core.

SQLite requires add-on components for security, command line queries and other functionality that again, is built into Actian Zen Edge and Enterprise.  All of this has a significant price tag associated with it: hours for development, additional test and validation, and long term support costs.  It also increases the cost of your field applications and any underlying hardware that is part of the product you deliver to your employees, partners and customers.  While Actian client-server versions have nominal up-front perpetual license or subscription fees, they are supported for 5 – 7 years and are backward compatible for upgrade for far longer.

SQLite Exacerbates Database Sprawl

In many IoT and complex equipment product portfolios, platform resources range from threadbare to well-endowned.  SQLite is a best fit for the lower end of any given product line or set of application data management needs.  High-speed data or complex functionality within these systems increasingly means advanced analytics and different data types that have historiaclly been beyond SQLite’s reach. Generally, product engineers and developers have rightfully responded with a best-of-breed approach, selecting other client-server, document store, and time-series centric solutions to complement or replace SQLite.

With Actian Zen you can integrate with or replace all of these – SQLite, InfluxDB, MongoDB, Microsoft SQL Server, etc. – with a single architecture that provides best-of-breed performance yet removes integration costs, security vulnerabilities associated with data transformations between disparate databasaes, and reduces procurement complexity of sourcing and servicing as well.


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