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Actian cuts your snowflake bill
in half

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The Actian Guarantee Offer Highlights

Actian is rolling out an unprecedented offer to help enterprises big and small realize immediate cost savings.

We are guaranteeing a 50% cost savings from Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse offering. No surprises.

Actian Data Platform™ is a next-generation hybrid cloud data warehouse built for high performance. Actian Data Platform’s innovative architecture maximizes compute, memory and disk efficiency and ultimately provides high-speed analytics in less time and at a much lower cost.

Actian vs. Snowflake Comparison

Three Ways Actian Can Cut Your Bill In Half


Superior Price-Performance

Our cloud cost meter is 6x more efficient than Snowflake. Our advantage gets even better with more users and data volume.

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Cloud and On-Premise

Keep your sensitive data on-premises. Actian includes an Actian on-prem footprint alongside your cloud deployment.

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Native Integration Included

Integration is easy! Actian comes with enterprise-class integration that includes over 200 application connectors.

The Fine Print

Actian will cut your Snowflake bill in half by comparing identical data warehouse workloads. The cost comparison is based on our Actian Enterprise Edition pricing and Snowflake’s published Enterprise list price running identical workloads as of 4/22/2020.

Savings can come from multiple factors as determined during your personalized Actian assessment.

  1. Compute price-performance
  2. Inclusion of Actian’s DataConnect to replace tool connectivity to SaaS and legacy on-prem applications
  3. Inclusion of hybrid data warehouse footprint – On-premise, in the cloud, or any combination of the two

All workload assessments shall be evaluated based on Actian Unit (AU) requirements, compressed storage and workload processing time. ETL (load-time) and on-premises data warehouse components will also be included.

For organizations already in Snowflake we will ask you to provide documentation of associated Snowflake costs incurred, as well as performance data.

For organizations in “Proof of Concept” stages without production deployment, Actian and Snowflake workloads will be measured using identical workloads in a “Proof of Value.”

Actian reserves the right to refuse any use-case deemed not appropriate for the Actian Data Platform environment. Guarantee is valid with contracts signed by 12/31/2022. Actian terms apply.

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