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Modern Data Integrator

12 reasons to love the new and improved DataConnect

Backwards compatibility-Icon_80x80

Backwards compatibility 

Using older version just import your design artifacts into DataConnect 11 to save time and resources.

Unrestricted license option-Icon_80x80

Unrestricted license option

The new license option includes the entire DataConnect platform, including Integration Manager, Studio, and Runtime Engine for unlimited users and all connectors.

Modern powerful IDE-Icon_80x80

Modern, powerful IDE

Desktop, framework-based IDE with tools for mapping, debugging, web services connectivity, and other design and runtime services

Robust and secure-Icon_80x80

Robust and secure

Remove known security vulnerabilities by eliminating Flash and updating to the latest Java and TLS 1.2

Intuitive design-Icon_80x80

Intuitive design and management 

Easy to design, configure, monitor, schedule and control user access

Built-in power user features-Icon_80x80

Built-in power user features

Tools for advanced users such as XML and JSON as text editors, search/replace, code assist

Complimentary consultation-Icon_80s80

Complimentary consultation

For a limited time, learn integration best practices with a 4 hour online, interactive session with top Actian Integration technologists

Design once-Icon_80x80

Design once, deploy, manage anywhere

Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environment, seamlessly embedded in your SaaS applications

Stability and performance-Icon_80x80

Stability and performance

The enterprise-grade stability and performance you’ve come to expect and more

Unprecedented ease of use-Icon_80x80

Unprecedented ease of use

Flexible CLI and REST API to support your custom job management infrastructure

Connect anything-Icon_80x80

Connect anything with UniversalConnect™

Connect to any on-premises and cloud sources using hundreds of pre-built connectors. Create custom connectors and other workflow components using the SDK.

Predictable Pricing-Icon_80x80

Simplified, predictable Pricing

Only pay for processing engine; add more engines as you scale. Everything else is included- unlimited development seats, unlimited connectors or connections

Technical Webinar: Introducing DataConnect Integration Manager

Manage all your integration
from a single pane of glass

Watch Now

Improve real-time decision-making with fresh data and fast analytics

The Actian solution supports both batch and real-time data. You can capture and understand critical events in real time to improve operational decision-making and response time. Avalanche delivers sub-second analysis at scale while suffering no performance penalty during data updates (alternative solutions typically see 40-60% performance degradation), making it ideally suited to handle the real-time demands of today’s data-intensive enterprise. Learn more.


Try DataConnect for Free

Download the new DataConnect Evaluation Edition to try out the new features (Offer valid only for next 30 days)