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Hybrid Data Conference London – Sessions 2018


Hybrid Data Conference

November 1, 2018


Session Listing




Next gen application development and data integration in an XaaS World
Kalyan Kumar, CVP & CTO, HCL Technologies

Kalyan Kumar (KK), HCL Technologies ’s CTO-IT Services, will share his vision for the next generation of data-centric applications that are poised to revolutionize how we fundamentally think about computing. The catalyst of this disruptive wave is emanating from the cloud which is bringing about a slow-yet-steady change in the way enterprises view their own existence, in terms of how they operate, how they plan to grow, which products they want to develop, how they plan to expand, or how they compete. The game changer is now enterprises are viewing all this with a “cloud state of mind” where everything is a service. The future is here…are you ready!

Digital Transformation: making it real
Rick Fitzgerald, EVP & CIO, Equian LLC

Join Rick Fitzgerald, EVP & CIO of Equian, an industry leader in end-to-end payment processing that manages billions of dollars in claims annually, as he shares the digital transformation journey that Equian has embarked upon within the US Healthcare marketplace. Learn about the unforeseen challenges that the Equian team had to overcome, the innovative approach and technology that enabled their success, and the lessons learned along the way that you can apply to harnessing data for strategic advantage in your own organization.

Seize Competitive Advantage: power business insight with operational analytics
David Menninger, SVP & Research Director of Data & Analytics Research, Ventana Research

Today’s businesses need to operate smarter, requiring insights derived from analytics through process and technology. Dave Menninger from Ventana Research advises organizations how to apply analytics technology to drive optimal business value, enabling new insights through discovery, machine learning, predictive analytics and visualization. Learn the latest trends and approaches to harness operational data into analytics, from the edge to the cloud, and how connecting multiple transactional systems to operational analytics can drive disruptive change to your insights into customers, markets, and operational efficiencies.

Manchester United accelerating business performance leveraging the HCL Digital Experience Platform
Ian Fox, Head of Media Operations, Manchester United

Manchester United, a 140-year-old company transforms to engage with 659Mn followers globally while providing persona based-data driven insights, secured communication, robust engagement using Digital Experience Platform developed by HCL Technologies. Providing experiential user experience across multiple devices resulted in increased customer traction and revenue-generation. This session is for forward-thinking IT executives and data-driven business leaders looking to embark on digital transformation to embrace their customer community, deliver a superior digital experience and gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Be Disruptive or be Disrupted: Activating your Digital Transformation Journey
Raghu Chakravarthi, SVP of R&D and Support Services, Actian Corporation

There is a generational shift in business models and technology stacks happening around us. Meteoric rise in data consumption is being spurred by a combination of business needs for rapid innovation and technology needs for scalable architecture. Gone are the days of being a “traditional” company. We are all data producing companies and change within is being fueled by data and analytics. The challenge is to create differentiation consuming the data and derive insights for your business and more importantly your customers. In this talk I will explore what this means to you. Learn about key design and deployment considerations as you design your technology architecture. I will highlight how you can be agile with data management, guarantee SLA’s and democratize data for users across your enterprise, partner and customer ecosystem. I will conclude with how Actian hybrid data stack can help you to be successful in your journey in this end to end transformation.

Data Driven Tax
John Barron, CIO, The Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Ireland

I’ll outline our initial data consolidation and how it drove improvements and business change via a consolidated customer view. Then I’ll discuss our ongoing journey to understand our data and some of the newer tooling we’re using plus where we’ll be heading over the coming years (at a high level).


More Actionable Insights with an Operational Data Warehouse
John Bard, Senior Director Marketing

Operational data warehouses (ODWs) provide a better approach to managing data in the moment and making it actionable across a business. This session will delve into the key ways ODWs eliminate the pitfalls of traditional solutions and how businesses achieve better real-time insights and results.

Critical Questions to Consider Moving Analytics to the Cloud
John Bard, Senior Director Marketing

As database services move to the cloud, there are a huge variety of options available. We’ll show the pros and cons of different choices, and explain what criteria to use to determine the best fit for your requirements. Is separation of storage and compute a good idea or not? What are the performance and cost implications?

Tips and Tricks for Better Analytic Results
Peter Lydon, Principal Sales Engineer

Learn nine approaches to improve performance for both single server and Hadoop cluster configurations of an analytic workload.

Actian Vector with DataFlow using ML algorithms for Business Analytics
Vidisha Sharma, Technical Support Engineer & John Bard, Senior Director Marketing

AI/ML can completely change the game for your business. We’ll be showcasing various ML algorithms in a data flow with an example that uses unsupervised learning to make clusters, then applying appropriate business rules to label the data in those clusters. Once the data is labelled, we’ll demonstrate the use of supervised learning to classify the data for a larger dataset.

Time is Money – How Actian Vector Performance Delivers More Value
Karl Schendel, Software Development Architect & Pradeep Bhanot, Director Product Marketing

If time is money to your business, we’ll show how and why Actian Vector consistently delivers the best value across a range of workloads against all competition, both on single servers and Hadoop clusters.

Approaching the Petabyte Analytic Database Scale- What I learned
Keith Bolam, Director of Development Projects


Running Actian X in Docker
Cris Ianculovici, Principal Support Engineer

Proactive database monitoring and alerting are key ingredients to ensuring business critical systems uptime and reliability. This session will cover how to use the Enterprise Monitoring Appliance to maintain the health and maximize the system efficiency of Actian X and Ingres databases and systems. It will include a detailed look at the architecture, the database plug-ins and a demo of how to install and use EMA.

Growing Pains! What Now?
Alex Hanshaw, Director of Engineering

Data keeps growing – it’s a fact of life. You don’t want to discard old data but keeping it is impacting your OLTP stack and a separate OLAP stack is a big investment. In this session, we’ll show you how Actian X removes the pain of data growth. With the recent support of x100 table references in Actian X database procedures, and the planned support for joins across OLTP and x100 tables, building hybrid OLTP/OLAP applications keeps getting easier. Join Alex Hanshaw, Director of Engineering for Actian X, for a guided tour of managing hybrid data in a single Actian X database.

Make databases available as micro-services and easier to integrate across heterogenous environments
Volker John, Vice President of Engineering

Containerized deployments and the serverless paradigm represent a pattern change when it comes to deploying software and to accessing a diverse set of data repositories, data warehouses, and underlying databases. Simple use of JDBC, JPA, and other standard integration methods while straight forward are not optimized nor present themselves as easily accessible services. Join this session to hear how Actian thinks about a single backend as a service (BaaS) to solve this challenge.

JSON for Actian X 11.1
Karl Schendel, Software Development Architect

JSON has been called the ‘lingua franca’ of communication in programming. JSON has become a standard component of server-based web applications and is supported by almost all current programming languages. Join and learn about JSON support for Actian X 11.1. This session will provide an overview of the Actian X implementation JSON plus key tips for adding JSON to your application.

Setting Up High Availability Clusters for Actian X in Linux
Steffen Harre, Director of Development Products

Business critical enterprise applications rely high-availability clusters to minimize downtime and ensure smooth business operation. Steffen Harre, Director of Development Products for Actian, will guide attendees through the steps of setting up high-availability Linux cluster and installing Actian X. Attendees will learn the tips and tricks for setting up a 3-server HA cluster, using Corosync / Pacemaker, the most widely used Linux cluster suite.

Extend and enhance the value of your existing data with Actian Graph
Volker John, Vice President Engineering

With all the rage about Big Data it’s very easy to forget that only a fraction of most organizations existing data has been fully exploited. And, even when the focus needs to be new sets of data with complex relationships, full value for these cannot be attained without graph technology. Join this session to hear how Actian Graph can uncover inherent but difficult to analyze relationships in data sets. See a demonstration of how Actian Graph delivers new insights from data that already exists in your organization.

Ingres User Association Annual Award

Annual award given to the person contributing the most to the Ingres community. Congratulations to Doug Insker.


Actian Zen: A single, secure, scalable Edge data management platform
Desmond Tan, Senior Director of Engineering

Software developers, product managers, and SIs face a myriad of Edge data management options. Unsurprisingly, this is increasingly turning into a knee-jerk reaction to put all data into the cloud or settling for different databases for Windows, Android, iOS, and embedded OSes, leading to design complexity and higher cost of integration and procurement. Join this session to hear how Actian’s single data management platform supports virtually all operating environments, hardware platforms, and programming languages you would expect to find in Edge environments, from the Cloud to remote and field environments to mobile and IoT gateways and devices.

Zen Core database for Android and iOS: Enterprise-grade data management without enterprise-grade complexity or support requirements
Desmond Tan, Senior Director of Engineering

There are more than a million mobile apps running on Android and iOS and they all have one thing in common: lack of access to a local, persistent data management platform capable of handling complex data management tasks without local configuration, added complexity for developers, or other drawbacks typically associated with Enterprise databases. Join this session to hear about Zen Core database for Android/iOS, an embedded NoSQL database, to understand how it is more performant, supports far richer and more robust Android applications than now outdated rudimentary file systems or SQLite, typically used for embedded application data management.

Why embedded NoSQL databases provide more flexibility and speed in Edge data management
Desmond Tan, Senior Director of Engineering

There are several different architectures for NoSQL databases; which one is right for your Edge data management? Does your NoSQL database provide a unified architecture across devices, gateways, and cloud environments? Do you need to handle multiple data types, from traditional structured data to JSON to BLOB? Should you use Restful APIs instead of JDBC or ODBC to provide lean data transfer between mobile and IoT apps? Join this session to hear answers to these questions and see demonstrations of how Actian Zen is the perfect NoSQL embedded database for these evolving Edge requirements.

Eliminate ETL from your Cloud to Edge Mobile and IoT data management, improving performance and security
Desmond Tan, Senior Director of Engineering

Are you faced with performance bottlenecks and security vulnerabilities as you move data between Couchbase Lite, its sync server, and Couchbase Server, SQLite and Microsoft SQL or between other disparate databases and repositories? For many IT and OT professionals this is painful but often uncharted territory, assumed to be an unavoidable cost of data movement across disparate systems. Join this session to see how Actian Zen can remove the security vulnerabilities of ETL in Edge data management and significantly improve your performance. In this session you will see demonstrations of Actian Zen benchmarked against typical alternative combinations of databases.

Panel: Rethinking Edge Data Management for modern intelligent applications
Lewis Carr, Senior Director Zen & IoT Marketing

Increasingly software developers and product line owners recognize they must add features and functionality to their code to make it “sticky” for end-users and customers. This will require applications to offer decision support and situational awareness in multiple formats, run across existing on-premises, cloud, and mobile environments, work in real-time, in periodically disconnected environments – all with improved security and performance. Join this session to hear from Actian thought leaders and their cutting-edge customers and partners as to how they are overhauling their Edge data management architectures and implementations to vastly improve the capabilities of their applications.


DataConnect -A Hybrid Integration Platform for Data-driven Enterprise
Shay Schmidt, Director of Systems Engineering

The session showcases how DataConnect accelerates hybrid data integration for Data Driven Enterprises. You will explore the integration platform architecture and how it enables you to build, deploy, run, manage integrations anywhere with no limits on data types or volumes.

Explore what’s new in DataConnect Studio
Vincent Vinot, Principal Tech Account Manager, Systems Engineering

Explore how DataConnect studio provides users a highly interactive design experience to quickly build, run, and debug integration flows to improve productivity and realize faster time to value You will experience the new feature set of DataConnect Studio, example of data integration (multimode database), example of application integration (REST invoker) etc.

DataFlow Makes Scaling Workloads Possible
Shay Schmidt, Director of Systems Engineering

Data fuels the analytics engine, and keeping data flowing smoothly is critical to delivering timely insights to the business. Learn how Actian DataFlow complements Actian DataConnect and Apache Spark to ensure the analytics engine performs optimally.

DataConnect Integration Manager Deep Dive
Greg Coates, Director, Product Management

Come see how Actian Integration Manager can help your operations team quickly and efficiently deploy integrations by configuring, scheduling, and then monitoring DataConnect integrations. Learn how to extend to power of a single integration package by using template configurations, macros, and other configurable properties. The session will also showcase “what’s new” in the latest release of Integration Manager and a discussion of “Deploy Anywhere” so you can leverage existing assets on-premises or in the cloud, or both.


Implementing Applications with OpenROAD JSON-RPC
Cris Ianculovici, Principal Support Engineer & Bodo Bergmann, Principal Software Engineer

Transform your OpenROAD applications for web and mobile platforms with JSON-RPC. Cris Ianculovici, Principal Support Engineer at Actian, will lead this session for OpenROAD developers on a tour of the JSON-RPC API comparing old and new OpenROAD. Attendees will learn how to call existing procedures from JSON clients, convert code from OpenROAD to non-OpenROAD clients, and more. Examples will include Java Script and jQuery, but JSON-RPC calls can come from any client code that supports JSON-RPC calls.


Distributed attendance management system using RFID and embedded database technologies
André Beauchamp, President, Plurilogic & Sakis Spyrou, Agile Project Manager, Plurilogic

Comprehensive student safety requires schools to track students from the time they enter school until the time they leave the premises. Furthermore, automating attendance saves schools time and eliminate paper checklists. Join this session to hear how Plurilogic uses RF-ID technology on Raspberry Pi small-computers running Zen Edge database to capture and record student attendance with full synchronization capabilities between RF-ID antennas and the centralized student of record database. A full demonstration will show you how we used the Zen embedded database through a C++ API, running on Raspbian and Windows IoT Core, to rapidly deliver cross-platform and secure functionality.

Building a .NET Entity Framework 5 Provider for Actian X
Morten Houston Ludvigsen, Software Developer, 2PS Consulting

Entity Framework reduces the impedance mismatch between the relation and object-oriented worlds, enabling developers to write applications that interact with relational data using .NET objects and eliminating the need for a large portion of SQL code they usually need to write. Morten Houston Ludvigsen, from 2PS Consulting, designed and built a provider for Entity Framework for Actian X and will guide the audience through issues involved in architecting and testing the provider plus best practices and customer requirements for .NET code development for Actian X.

How Actian DataConnect accelerates Digital Transformation for customers
Vincent Vinot, Principal Tech Account Manager, Systems Engineering

This session will showcase how our customers-  Hannover Re and AG2R/La Mondiale  use Actian DataConnect to fuel their Digital Transformation initiatives. We’ll first look at how Hannover Re implemented DataConnect to reduce time and effort and accelerated customer/ partner onboarding. We will illustrate how Actian DataConnect provides a solution for business experts at each HLR local offices to manage client files in a self-service mode. A second part will focus on how AG2R/La Mondiale uses DataConnect to speed up their digital transformation efforts. We will talk about the Integration Hub Solution that enables data from various sources and applications to seamlessly feed into the One platform for all Customer Communication Management tasks.


Turbocharge your Zen/PSQL performance: tips, tricks, and pointers to improving data management performance
Bill Bach, Founder and CEO Goldstar Software

Wondering what’s limiting your PSQL/Zen applications performance? Is it a network bandwidth or latency issue, lack of hardware resources? Is it an OS, DB or other configuration problem? Or is it just time to upgrade to a new version of Windows or PSQL? Bill Bach from Goldstar Software will provide insights into common configuration and resourcing mistakes and other performance bottlenecks that can slow down your PSQL or Zen-based applications and users. Bill will also highlight features available to you in Zen v13 (along with some third-party tools) to monitor your system and optimize your Zen application’s performance.

Automation of Data Ops for Tier 1 UK FS client
Mark Butterworth, VP Digital and Analytics EU, HCL Technologies

The world of Data projects are littered with large expensive and slow Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) projects.  The world of Big Data and cloud are prevalent as a reaction to the old projects and every day there are new tools in the market place.  However a lot of clients have a myriad of legacy technology and a desire to move to the new.  Hear this use case as an example of one clients journey.