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DataConnect 11 Win-back

12 reasons to love the new and improved DataConnect

Backwards compatibility-Icon_80x80

Backwards compatibility 

Using older version just import your design artifacts into DataConnect 11 to save time and resources.

Unrestricted license option-Icon_80x80

Unrestricted license option

The new license option includes the entire DataConnect platform, including Integration Manager, Studio, and Runtime Engine for unlimited users and all connectors.

Modern powerful IDE-Icon_80x80

Modern, powerful IDE

Desktop, framework-based IDE with tools for mapping, debugging, web services connectivity, and other design and runtime services

Robust and secure-Icon_80x80

Robust and secure

Remove known security vulnerabilities by eliminating Flash and updating to the latest Java and TLS 1.2

Intuitive design-Icon_80x80

Intuitive design and management 

Easy to design, configure, monitor, schedule and control user access

Built-in power user features-Icon_80x80

Built-in power user features

Tools for advanced users such as XML and JSON as text editors, search/replace, code assist

Complimentary consultation-Icon_80s80

Complimentary consultation

For a limited time, learn integration best practices with a 4 hour online, interactive session with top Actian Integration technologists

Design once-Icon_80x80

Design once, deploy, manage anywhere

Deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environment, seamlessly embedded in your SaaS applications

Stability and performance-Icon_80x80

Stability and performance

The enterprise-grade stability and performance you’ve come to expect and more

Unprecedented ease of use-Icon_80x80

Unprecedented ease of use

Flexible CLI and REST API to support your custom job management infrastructure

Connect anything-Icon_80x80

Connect anything with UniversalConnect™

Connect to any on-premises and cloud sources using hundreds of pre-built connectors. Create custom connectors and other workflow components using the SDK.

Predictable Pricing-Icon_80x80

Simplified, predictable Pricing

Only pay for processing engine; add more engines as you scale. Everything else is included- unlimited development seats, unlimited connectors or connections

Technical Webinar: Introducing DataConnect Integration Manager

Manage all your integration
from a single pane of glass

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Using an older version and want to upgrade?
We got you covered

Actian Advisory Alert!

Adobe Flash EOL and what that means for DataConnect V10 users

Please be advised that Adobe Flash is reaching the end of life on December 31, 2020. In collaboration with this announcement, browser vendors will stop supporting the Adobe Flash plug-in either before or at the end of 2020.  Adobe is actively encouraging users to uninstall Flash by the end of the year.

(See more info on Adoble Flash EOL announcement )

It is very important to note that the User Interface (UI) for DataConnect v10 was written using Adobe Flex. Flex relies on the Adobe Flash plug-in to render its UI within a web browser. After web browsers stop supporting Adobe Flash, the v10 DataConnect UI will no longer function, and migration to v11 will not be an option. Users will not be able to access their projects or any of their metadata inside the v10 repository. You should disable automatic browser updates now for those who use DataConnect v10 within your organization.  

Actian DataConnect v11 does not use Adobe Flash but uses the Eclipse Plugin Development Environment (PDE) to render the UI.

Important! You should upgrade to Actian DataConnect v11 within the next few months. You will be able to export your projects to zip files within v10 and import those files using the import wizard in v11. Your export must include all project dependencies and macrodef files. You need to start exporting your v10 projects Now.

If you have any questions about your entitlement to Actian DataConnect v11, you should consult your Actian Account Executive or email us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or need assistance exporting your v10 projects, please contact Actian Support.

More info on Adobe Flash EOL news

Ensuring seamless and quick upgrades


In order to mitigate the risks mentioned above and ensure a seamless upgrade, we have designed an easy to implement upgrade package that will enable you to easily migrate to the new version of  Actian DataConnect V11.

Upgrade on your own terms – You have the flexibility to upgrade when you want without ever worrying about any upgrade fees. You have the flexibility to upgrade to each new release when you want without a fee. Reduce your risk by running Data Integrator 9 or DataConnect 10 in parallel as you upgrade to DataConnect 11.

  • Easy and quick upgrades– If you are on an older version of DataConnect then just import your design artifacts into DataConnect 11 to save time and resources.
  • Integrate Anywhere with new Integration Manager in your data center, Virtual Private Cloud, or user our Actian DataCloud iPaaS
  • Empower anyone to integrate with unlimited design access to DataConnect Studio
  • Unlimited access to innovations in the cloud -Cloud subscription gives you automatic access to all future versions: you don’t pay for upgrades and get access to all future DataConnect versions.

The Wait is Over
Here is how to get started now

Try DataConnect for Free

Download the new DataConnect Evaluation Edition to try out the new features (Offer valid only for next 30 days)