Avalanche on Google Cloud Faster Together Thank You

New White Paper

Faster Together:
Actian Avalanche on
Google Cloud Platform

Gain a 6X Price-Performance Advantage over Snowflake on AWS


Flexibility to balance affordability with performance without limitations of architecture or IT support

Download this white paper to get the latest figures on price-performance for leading cloud data warehouses and why the combination of price and performance matters in today’s competitive and uncertain markets.

What you will learn:

  • Why separation of compute and storage with Avalanche on GKE is a superior approach for flexibly modulating performance and cost
  • Why pay-for-what-you-use needs a further consideration of the performance and cost of what you use
  • Why even departments and small to medium enterprise can now get the same benefits as larger enterprises within budget and in real-time
  • How to translate benchmarks into real-world tangile improvements to outcomes for day-to-day operational data analytics and business process
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