Actian NoSQL

Object Database

High-availability and Robust Data Replication


Agile Development

Since the object model matches the database schema, programmers using Java, C/C++ and .NET SDKs are more productive


Performance and Scalability

Object navigation follows references embedded within the object definition, so there are no queries or relational mapping to slow performance

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Operational Efficiency

Full set of enterprise features: 24×7 operations, fault tolerance, replication, online backup, snapshots, scale-out across multiple databases

What is Actian NoSQL?

Actian NoSQL (formerly Versant) object technology enables software developers to handle database requirements for extremely complex object models with ease and is used by the world’s largest companies for applications with very large scale data management requirements. Actian NoSQL doesn’t need mapping code to store or retrieve objects, so schema modifications can be handled without application downtime. Fault tolerance, synchronous and asynchronous replication, high availability and excellent scalability make Actian NoSQL ready for the enterprise.

Code Less, Conceive More, Run Faster

Agile Development


Performance robustness and scalability

Performance Superiority


Actian NoSQL outperforms RDBMS and NoSQL alternatives


“Performance, robustness and scalability were the characteristics we were looking for. We were impressed by the speed of response delivered by the Actian NoSQL dual-cache system and the robustness of the solution.”

Ismail Gazarin, Chief Information Officer, EidosMedia

NoSQL Object Data Model Simplifies
Application Development

Three choices for implementation using C/C++, Java, and .NET software development kits

How to Choose the Right Product: Actian NoSQL Database Actian NoSQL JPA Actian NoSQL Fast Objects
C / C++    
Enterprise scalability    
Minimal administration – no specialized DBA required      
Dual client/server caching architecture – improve performance by balancing resources      
Multicore scalability – get the most value from your hardware    
No mapping code required – focus on the business problem      
Online schema evolution – update your application without downtime      

“With Actian NoSQL, we now have a technology at our fingertips that has significantly simplified our work. The data obtained from the satellite is available in the Actian NoSQL database on the same day. Faster and better understanding of the instrument data results in more efficient operation of the satellite, which ultimately means more and better scientific information.”

Dr. Johannes Riedinger, Herschel Mission Manager, European Space Agency (ESA)

Use Cases

Network Route Optimization

Large telecommunications companies use Actian NoSQL JPA to run route optimization algorithms in the Data Services function of their Operating Support Systems (OSS). The key benefit is the ability to handle very complex networks for relationships, with orders of magnitude faster traversal and identification of patterns to produce more optimized routing.


Metadata Management

Medical and scientific companies use Actian NoSQL to manage metadata and telemetry information from instruments, providing time-critical access to complex relational data that is best represented in an object model. Actian NoSQL provides the persistence, data integrity, abstraction, and replication required to ensure applications can manage, navigate and access complex data structures.

Fraud Detection

Retailers, online services, and financial services companies use Actian NoSQL to manage and search large volumes of data for rare patterns that identify unauthorized transactions or access to protect their business and customers. Using rules-based pattern recognition and advanced statistical methods, these applications rely on Actian NoSQL to be highly configurable, customizable, and scalable to deal with rapid changes in strategy and rules to react to evolving threats.


Content Management

Publishers use Actian NoSQL as the data manager for all of the content within their content management systems. Actian NoSQL handles complex schemas of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data objects that represent the different content and metadata, delivering a flexible and responsive system that can evolve over time to handle new data types and schemas.


The performance and object orientation of the Actian NoSQL database is a perfect fit for real time simulation and modeling systems. Actian NoSQL supports high performance object data ingestion and retrieval, and provides developer tools that are easier to use compared to a traditional SQL database. Actian NoSQL has been used for reservoir simulations for oil exploration as well as weather simulations for government and commercial applications.

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