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What is Ingres NeXt?

Ingres NeXt preserves investments and knowledge bases for one of the most popular and esteemed enterprise transactional databases in history, focusing on what really matters: the applications and underlying business logic associated with Ingres deployments. Further, Ingres NeXt delivers low risk migration from legacy environments to modern cloud platforms with web and mobile front-ends.  Since no two journeys to the cloud are identical, Actian provides the infrastructure and tooling required to take customers to the cloud regardless of what their planned journey may look like.

Why Ingres NeXt Matters
to Our Customers

The World’s Most Trusted and Time-Tested Transactional RDBMS

Proven track record with thousands of enterprises, Ingres databases have run billions of OLTP operations over decades of deployments, upgrades and migrations. Compelling TCO, 24×7 global support and industry leading customer satisfaction rating.


On-Premise and
Now Cloud Ready

Runs on legacy UNIX variants, modern linux and windows, and now in Docker containers for ease of deployment in Private and Public Clouds.

Extend to Web and Mobile Clients

For both on-premises and cloud Ingres deployments preserve investments in green screen and thick client application business logic based applications and rapidly extend to modern web and mobile environments with minimal investment and risk, using OpenROAD.


“The reasons why we originally chose Ingres and continue to rely on the database are numerous. It offers good functionality, high levels of reliability and stability, a cost-effective licensing model, and is backed up with excellent support. When we compare Ingres to other database technologies on the market, the Ingres database continues to be one of the best choices to power Lido/FlightPlanning.”

Rudi Koffer, Senior Database Software Architect, Lufthansa Systems Airlines Operations Solutions

“Ingres NeXt is worth paying attention to because it acknowledges both the massive need, and desire, for digital transformation and modernization as well as the difficulties and shortcomings of conventional approaches to them, then takes steps to provide the former while mitigating the latter. Moreover, as it does so, Ingres NeXt places the reigns in your hands, and allows you to drive your transformation efforts using whatever methods work best for you.”

Daniel Howard, Senior Analyst, Information Management and DevOps
Bloor Research


Key OLTP Features – Per-query parallelism lets developers easily test and tune query parallelization for application performance. Store the data in a columnar format for faster access. .NET data provider prefetch blocks tunes the number of rows returned per I/O block.

AutoStats – Ingres has built-in functionality to analyze query performance such that over time it will generate in-memory statistics and guidance to users that lead to improved query performance.

Semi-Structured Data – Ingres can pull apart a JSON payload, allowing JSON pre-processing to extract fields from within the payload, insertion into the DB, and results sent directly to storage, reducing application processing overheads and development costs.

Data Security – Meet data privacy, regulatory and compliance measures with built-in, dynamic data masking with role-based full, partial, and calculated views.  Further strengthen encryption with user defined initialization vectors.

Containerization – Ingres 11.2 runs in Docker containers giving Ingres portability across Cloud platforms as well as the ability to leverage the management and security features associated with the latest underlying infrastructure.

Monitor Database System Health – Reduce downtime and unforeseen business disruptions with pre-configured plug-ins to monitor and alert on the health of Ingres databases and host systems. Keep business critical application systems in top shape and get better planning for scheduled maintenance.

Geospatial Features – Add geometry and geography related features to Actian X and Ingres applications. Industry standard 2D, 3-D and 4-D datatypes plus linear reference.

World Class Global Support – 24×7 follow the sun multi-language, enterprise support. Experienced, stable team with development and support under one roof.


“We knew we had to upgrade our database in order to benefit from encryption and make sure our online website offering was fully compliant. Actian Services was on hand to help us upgrade our database with minimum disruption. They ensured a smooth transition to the new database platform.”

Dennis Joseph, Computer Services Manager, HSS Hire

Why Modernize Ingres?

The fundamentals of ACID transactions have’t changed – just everything around it has: cloud economics, client environments, what constitutes transactional data, and security and data privacy. Ingres 11.2 extends and enhances the best of what you have for transaction processing with modern cloud, mobile, and web applications.

Cloud Economics

Ingres NeXt provides a flexible path to the Cloud, preserving investments in business logic while shedding the underlying legacy hardware and operating environments and high OPEX without generating a new round of CAPEX.  Ingres NeXt achieves this by:

  • Uniform operation at the SQL and business logic level across legacy UNIX variant, Linux/Windows, and Cloud deployments
  • Fully tested with license portability to Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud
  • Rearchitected to run in containers for maximum performance and manageability
  • Path from Actian for Ingres DBaaS and Marketplace offerings

The combination of this set of features and functionality is that you can move partially or completely to the Cloud in a pragmatic, low risk fashion.

Client Environments

With Ingres 11.2 and OpenROAD you can eliminate Green Screens, yet retain keyboard stroke augmented work process often found in form-based transactions while gaining modern web and mobile operation through non-keyboard inputs.  With OpenROAD as your application development tool for Ingres you can migrate from Application By Frame (ABF) to OpenROAD frames, you can then optionally use WebGEN to convert OpenROAD frames to HTML 5 and JavaScript.

  • Automated conversion of ABF forms reduces time to modernize
  • Reduces risk and cost associated with manual-only migrations
  • Avoids complexity and long preparation phases, get immediate results

Extending to Semi-structured Data

Today’s transactions involve not just traditional structured data, but increasingly JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data for moving data between heterogeneous applications and platforms. Ingres 11.2 provides full JSON support, enabling you to:

  • Move your JSON pre-processing into the DBMS and out of your web application
  • Store your JSON payloads in a secure repository
  • Handle metadata tied to unstructured data such as audio and video

Security and Data Privacy

Violation of data privacy regulations set by EU, Japan and US States like California can lead to huge fines and loss of customer and public trust. Ingres 11.2 incorporates several data privacy features including:

  • Dynamic Data Masking to fully, partially, or in calculated views protect sensitive data
  • Centralization of masking across multiple applications and user roles reduces complexity and risk
  • Reduction in attack vectors through masking and user supplied initialization vectors for encrypted data

“By using Actian EMA+ during the upgrade, we were able to monitor the whole environment and identify and resolve issues with performance, stability, housekeeping, or DR processes as soon as they occurred.”

Rob Andrews, Upgrade Project Manager, The University of the West of England

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Realistic Performance and Load Testing

The Query Recording and Playback toolset helps you eliminate the risk of change through realistic stress and volume testing using actual production workloads and workflow. You’ll be able to directly compare server resource utilization, query response times and query results across your pre- and post- change environments.

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