Actian DataConnect Integration Platform

Introducing DataConnect 12

Actian’s premier data integration platform arrives with new features for data quality and self-service

Data Integration without Limits

DataConnect is the intelligent, low code data integration platform that allows you to address your most complex use cases with automated, intuitive, and reusable integrations. Deliver high-quality data at the speed of business.

Empowers anyone to get their data connected

The DataConnect integration platform provides near-limitless workflow and configuration options to create integrations, enforce data quality standards, and tap into reliable and governed data. Easily access your data integrations using a robust IDE or through DataConnect’s intuitive web-based UI.

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Integrate Anything

Deliver accurate, consistent data where your business needs it. DataConnect provides a comprehensive library of pre-built connectors and allows you to create, store and reuse templated integration workflows.

Make data-driven decisions with ease

Make reliable business decisions using data you trust. DataConnects offers powerful data profiling capabilities that allow you to visualize your data quality and drill down to address data problems before they impact your systems.

Data integration made easy

Integrate Anytime

Orchestrate, schedule, and manage data pipelines to ensure your business is getting timely and accurate data when they need it. Connect your data with batch, real-time, event, and embedded processing options to get your data connected quickly.

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Develop and deploy your integrations
in 4 simple steps



Use a visual, point-and-click design interface to connect, cleanse and map data sources to targets and build process workflows based on business rules.

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From the IDE or web-based interface, save integrations as reusable templates and easily deploy them to any environment.

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Allow end-users to configure settings like usernames and passwords, schedules, or real-time event listeners.

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Run, monitor, and manage live integrations deployed in Actian’s Cloud, your VPC, data center, or as embedded services.


The Actian DataConnect integration platform combines robust data integration, transformation, and mapping with automated quality checks providing trustworthy data to anyone in the organization.

With its emphasis on reuse and adaptability, DataConnect is built to help you cost-effectively integrate diverse data and applications from any source and deploy across cloud and on-prem environments.

Intuitive design and management 
Visually create or modify integration maps, schemas, artifacts, rules, and job schedules in minutes, without coding or scripting. Offers a comprehensive view of recent executions and logs, including scheduled time, duration, job status, and errors.

Connect to any data source
Connect on-premises, cloud, and edge sources using thousands of pre-built connectors. The DataConnect API and SDKs provide the flexibility for you to create custom connectors and extend integrations.

Reusable workflows and automation
Save time and resources by leveraging pre-configured integrations, templated workflows, and pre-defined quality rules.

Data Quality
Configure quality rules to ensure that your data is accurate and consistent.

Scales rapidly
Scale quickly and complete similar integrations in mere hours by using reusable templates.

Future-proof and Portable

Create fully portable deployment packages to allow developers to effortlessly migrate integrations across environments.

End-to-end Security and Compliance
Comply with industry standards such as SOC2Type2, PCI compliant, ACORD, HIPPA, EDI, HL7, SWIFT, and other using standard-based schemas

Simplified Architecture
Easy to design, administer, learn and maintain integrations. Same, consistent design experience for on-prem and cloud deployments.

Built for Performance
Design robust high-performance maps and processes using interactive feedback from the integration engine and the reporting interface.

Web Service API Invoker
Easy-to-use and standardized approach to RESTful web service APIs.

Built-in Text, XML, and JSON Editors
Work directly with metadata using this tool designed for power users.

Hybrid Support

Use your cloud, the Actian Cloud, or connect to on-premises databases and applications without moving data to the cloud.

Actian DataConnect iPaaS

Powered by Actian DataCloud.

Manage your integrations from our iPaaS securely with “always on” runtime for cloud-to-cloud integration and “last mile” Agent connectivity for on-prem data delivery and runtime.

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Actian DataConnect Integration Platform

Deploy on-premises or bring-your-own-license VPC to leverage your existing infrastructure and take full operational control of the runtime environment.

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Actian DataConnect Embedded

DataConnect’s versatile architecture enables Enterprise Integration Capabilities seamlessly embedded in your applications or solutions architecture.

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All DataConnect Editions share the following:

  • Single modular architecture – design once, deploy, manage, run anywhere
  • Versatile, agile, extensible- Integrate anything, anywhere, anytime.
  • Rapid development environment & intuitive integration management accelerates time to value.
  • Built-in data quality and enterprise-grade security and reliability.
  • Unified design and management experience no matter where your integrations are deployed-on prem, cloud, hybrid, or embedded.
  • Portable, future-proof – Seamlessly migrate integrations across environments with minimal rework and lower risk.

Integration Solution for Every Use Case

Actian DataConnect is an easy to use , versatile hybrid integration platform that supports a wide range of use cases in every industry

Application Integration: Seamlessly connect to best-of-breed enterprise and SaaS applications using the DataConnect API and SDKs or one of thousands of available connectors.

B2B Integration: Securely integrate any data with partners. Automatically connect, transform and share data with partners to improve on-boarding and collaboration.

Data Integration: Streamline end-to-end data transformation, business process orchestration, and file-based integration without any limits on data format, size or destination.

Embedded Integration: For SaaS providers, Actian DataConnect is a fully embeddable integration solution that provides data connectivity and integration flexibility to accelerate the time to value for new customers.

Application Hub

DataConnect helps service delivery teams (e.g. SaaS ProServ team, Systems Integrator) rapidly onboard and maintain application integrations across their customer base.

  • Efficiently manage hundreds of connections to customers/partners (error remediation, mass updates, etc.)
  • Rapidly onboard similar integrations in hours
  • Be proactively alerted when an integration/connection breaks
  • Delegate some responsibilities to endpoint for minor changes
  • Support on-prem endpoints, application admin, and the business user

Data Onboarding

DataConnect helps organizations onboard master data from their customers as part of the customer onboarding and maintenance process.

  • Efficiently manage hundreds of connections to customers/partners (error remediation, mass updates, etc.)
  • Accelerate onboarding using standardized templates
  • Empower business analyst to complete integration in one hour
  • Take advantage of powerful and simple file parsing for ETL/bulk loads
  • Be proactively alerted when an integration/connection breaks
  • Delegate some responsibilities to customers for minor changes

Business to Business (B2B) Transaction Network

DataConnect helps an enterprise or service provider exchange EDI data with their supply chain, customer network, or partner network.

  • Accelerate on-boarding using standardized templates
  • Empower business analyst to complete transaction integration in one hour
  • Perform simple connection health testing
  • Be proactively alerted when an integration/connection breaks for rapid remediation.

Customer Story

Versatile hybrid integration
for organizations of any size

Hundreds of thousands of customers rely on Actian DataConnect to enable their integration on a daily basis. Reliability, low TCO, unprecedent ease of use and versatility are key characteristics why Actian DataConnect has been the choice of global ISVs, OEMs, SIs, SaaS vendors and end users that are trying to solve complex integration challenges supporting business critical applications to SMB’s, enterprises and everyone in between.

Customer Story

Empower anyone to Integrate

DataConnect fits the needs of all users

  • Enables business users, integration specialists, SaaS admins, and line of business owners to design and manage integrations while maintaining governance.
  • Templates, guided workflows, and spreadsheet-like data transformation functions create powerful, low-code workflows and automated business processes.
  • Reduces the time and cost of expensive development and hand-coding.
DataConnect Web Table

Pricing on your terms –
simple, predictable, transparent

Easy to budget annual subscription pricing with everything included- unlimited Studio users for design, unlimited Integration Manager users for operations, and unlimited connectivity. Say Goodbye to “per connector” charges


Predictable pricing based
on your integration needs

Pay only for engine runtime concurrency, start small and add engines as processing demand increases. It’s easy to predict what your costs will be as you grow.


Integrate Anything with
Universal Connectivity (included)

Actian’s patented UniversalConnect™ technology is a flexible, intelligent agent framework that enables connecting to virtually any data source, format, location, using any protocol.

Design once, deploy anywhere.

Deploy anywhere- in Cloud, multiple clouds, on-premises, or hybrid.

DataConnect (Production) includes:$30K
1 Production Integration Manager
1 Production Engine
Studio IDE (includes unlimited dev users)
DataConnect (Non-Production) includes:$15K
1 Non-production Integration Manager
1 Non-production Engine
Universal Connectivity (included)
Pricing/per year
Unlimited (includes all connectors at no charge)
Silver Support included

Terms and conditions that applies to new pricing:

  • The above pricing applies to only new, end-user subscriptions and does not apply to perpetual license agreements.
  • Contact Sales for Commercial use case pricing- Commercial use can refer to any use that is not for internal, end-user use such as distribution by resellers and OEMs or ASP, or hosting, including ASP, service bureau or other leasing services.
  • Gold level support available for an additional 15% and Platinum level support available for an additional 25%
  • For more detailed information on product, support lifecycles levels and policies, click here.
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