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Actian Blog / Actian Integration Platform Helps Healthcare Companies Quickly Onboard New Customers and Carriers

Actian Integration Platform Helps Healthcare Companies Quickly Onboard New Customers and Carriers

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Healthcare companies are experiencing some trying times, made worse by the COVID-19 crisis.   Competitors are now becoming partners, research institutions, and pharma companies are taking a more active role in monitoring patient care, and governments are closely monitoring statistics on patient diagnosis.  Everyone in the extended healthcare industry is actively seeking to understand, plan, and respond to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. For them to do that successfully, everyone is in dire need of real-time data.  The challenge for hospitals and care providers (such as nursing homes) is quickly onboarding new customers, new partners, and new carriers to give them the information they need without compromising data security, HIPAA compliance, or disrupting the company’s operations.

Integration Requests Escalate to the Top of the IT Priority Queue

In normal times, deploying integrations with third-party systems were activities that IT departments approached slowly and methodically – often developing custom interfaces that required long testing cycles.  The requests were essential for the organization, but they weren’t urgent and requiring immediate attention.  COVID-19 has changed that situation, escalating integration requests to the top of the IT priority queue.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an Interoperability and Patient Access final rule that mandates hospitals must be able to send notifications about admissions, transfers, and discharges to a wide range of recipients by September. This data must now include the patient’s primary care physician, service providers, suppliers, and other healthcare practitioners responsible for patient care.

For small and mid-size hospitals, this rule significantly expanded the breadth of data integrations that are required.  IT can no longer take an ad-hoc approach to integration; they need centralized tools, repeatable processes and templates, and standardized data translations to onboard new data-sharing partners quickly, effectively, and safely. Actian’s Integration Platform for healthcare delivers all this capability, and more.

Develop Once, Deploy Anywhere

The key to rapid integration is re-use.  The Actian integration platform and robust design environment help healthcare companies accelerate time to implementation with a “design once, deploy anywhere” approach. This approach greatly improves IT productivity and efficiencies that translate into more integrations, better quality, and reduced implementation times.  Connectivity schemes for industry standards like HIPAA and HL7 provide a common taxonomy and interface format to span systems and companies.  With Actian, you have access to all your data, including legacy data, unstructured data, flat files, messages in real-time.  This is important because data integration is a combination of content and connectivity – the Actian Integration platform addresses both.

Actian Provides the Integration Platform that Enables Rapid Response.

The current healthcare environment is requiring IT departments to be more agile than ever – identifying emerging needs/opportunities and responding quickly to deploy new system features and data integrations.  Actian Integration Platform for Healthcare is a robust set of tools to help IT departments provide the responsiveness their organizations demand.

  • Integrate new applications, hosted systems, and legacy data sources with ease.
  • Rapidly adapt to changes in industry standards and regulations to ensure compliance.
  • A Secure and scalable platform for exchanging data with customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Centralized management of data connections across the organization from a single pane of glass.
  • HIPPA/HL7 compliant message broker.
  • Support for federated deployments, such as health information exchanges (HIE).

Actian’s Healthcare Integration Platform provides an infrastructure for integrating disparate data in a cost-effective, standards-based, and real-time manner. Actian helps policy setters manage the transformation of incoming and outgoing data from hundreds, or even thousands, of trading partners by speeding up onboarding time and reducing effort.  COVID-19 is causing turmoil in many industries, including healthcare.  IT staff need all the help they can to support their companies and communities through this trying time.  With Actian’s Healthcare Integration platform, data integration can be made easy.

Visit www.actian.com/dataconnect to learn more about integration solutions for healthcare as well as other industries.

About Sampa Choudhuri

Sampa is the Director of Product Marketing for Actian focusing on messaging, sales enablement and go-to market activities for Data Integration product line. She comes from an enterprise technology background, having worked in software, hardware, networking and security for companies like Cisco, Sun Microsystems and Symantec. Her experience ranges from product and partner marketing to market analysis and sales enablement. She has a keen interest in new technologies in the space. With an MBA from Santa Clara University, she brings a balanced acumen of technical and marketing skills to understand and position solutions to better help customers in today’s ever-changing complex IT landscape. When she is not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking, photography and spending time with her family.