Actian Blog / Upgrading to Actian DataConnect Version 9 to Version 11: A Better Journey

Upgrading to Actian DataConnect Version 9 to Version 11: A Better Journey

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About a year ago I wrote an article discussing upgrading from Actian DataConnect Version 9 to Version 10 (Actian DataConnect – The Conversion from v9 to v10 does not have to be scary!!)  That article used the v9 or v10 Process object to use a script step to do the magic, with code that could be used to accomplish this.

Well now we have the exciting new Actian DataConnect Version 11. What will you need to know about upgrading, especially if you’re still using Version 9? How easy is it?

The first thing I did was look around within the tool.   It looks good, and some what intuitive, especially for previous v9 users. The next thing I wanted to check out was the import tool. I noticed immediately that the file menu had an Import option:

It opens a wizard, where I choose to Import a Version 9 Workspace:

Press Finish and it does the process to migrate. Now open the DataConnect v11 workspace and choose what you want:

Here’s what I chose:

And it opened this:

This was the original:

And that’s the simple migration process from DataConnect v9 to v11.  A much better customer experience than before. Enjoy!

You can read more about DataConnect, Actian’s hybrid data integration solution, here and if you have any questions feel free to ask the DataConnect Community right here.

About David Byrd

David was actually a DataConnect customer of the original product when it was called Data Junction back in 1993 at Certified Vacations, and then in 1998 at Putnam Investments. The product did the job it was purchased for.

In 2003, David actually went to work for Data Junction when he moved back to Texas. Nine months later the company was purchased by Pervasive where he worked for another three years. Since then David has worked at many of their clients including QuickArrow/Netsuite, Toyota, ADP Total Source, Leprechaun, Deltek, Firstcare, Keta Group, Adaptive Planning (now Adaptive Insights) and finally SFCG. In the meantime, the company has been acquired yet again by another company called Actian.

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