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How Your Peers are Experiencing Their Journeys to the Cloud

Teresa Wingfield

May 4, 2023

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According to new customer research from Actian, “Data Analytics Journey to the Cloud,” over 70% of companies are mandating that all new data analytics applications must use cloud-based platforms. Our research reveals many good reasons why the rush to the cloud is on. It also shows that organizations can run into cloud migration roadblocks, that prevent them from realizing the full potential of running their data analytics in the cloud.

Read our eBook to get insights from 450 business and technical leaders across industries and company sizes to improve your chances of a smoother cloud journey. Here are a few highlights of what these leaders shared on their cloud migration:

  • Over 60% of companies measure the impact of data analytics on their business.
  • Data privacy is the top challenge facing companies transitioning to the cloud.
  • More than half of companies say that scaling their business growth is a major challenge and are using cloud-based data analytics to address this.
  • Customer 360 customer analytics is the leading use case for companies.
  • Over 50% of companies are using cloud-based analytics to measure and improve customer experience key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • More than half of companies use data analytics to address their talent challenges.
  • Over 50% of companies use cloud-based data analytics to impact their employee experience and talent management KPIs.

Making Your Cloud Migration Easier

Our research provides additional details that can help you become more confident in your cloud migration, improve planning, and better leverage cloud resources by understanding how other organizations approach their migration. If you’re already in a cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid environment, you can use insights in our eBook to modernize applications, business processes, and data analytics in the cloud.

Register for our eBook to find out more about:

  • Leading drivers of cloud transitions.
  • Data analytics challenges and cloud migration friction points.
  • Top cloud-native technologies in operation.
  • Most common real-world analytics use cases.
  • How to deliver new capabilities.

You might also want to sign up for a free trial of the Actian Data Platform. You’ll discover how this modern platform simplifies how you connect, manage, and analyze your data.

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About Teresa Wingfield

Teresa Wingfield is Director of Product Marketing at Actian where she is responsible for communicating the unique value that the Actian Data Platform delivers, including proven data integration, data management and data analytics. She brings a 20-year track record of increasing revenue and awareness for analytics, security, and cloud solutions. Prior to Actian, Teresa managed product marketing at industry-leading companies such as Cisco, McAfee, and VMware.