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Actian Data Platform Launches on Azure with Free Storage Offer

Actian Corporation

October 21, 2019

Free Cloud Storage Offer from Actian

Today we announced the availability of Actian’s industry-leading Actian Data Platform on Azure. Actian is the only hybrid data warehouse solution on Azure and provides significant performance gains at a lower cost compared to alternatives. Learn why Actian Data Platform on Azure makes sense for your business.

We are also pleased to announce a special offer of $0 cloud storage on Azure for customers of Actian Data Platform (formerly known as Avalanche).   

Details of the offer:                             

  • You will receive up to 10TB Free Cloud Storage with your Actian Data Platform subscription for Azure when you purchase a minimum of 4000 AU-hours in a one-year contract.
  • Additional Storage:  Additional cloud storage is available at low cost for $23.88/TB/Month
  • Additional Compute: Separation of storage and compute, as well as elastic compute, enables you to use right-sized compute as needed.  Additional compute starts at $3.50/Actian Unit/Hour.

To learn more about this special offer or ask a question about Actian Data Platform, get in touch with us. This offer is subject to terms and conditions. 

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About Actian Corporation

Actian is helping businesses build a bridge to a data-defined future. We’re doing this by delivering scalable cloud technologies while protecting customers’ investments in existing platforms. Our patented technology has enabled us to maintain a 10-20X performance edge against competitors large and small in the mission-critical data management market. The most data-intensive enterprises in financial services, retail, telecommunications, media, healthcare and manufacturing trust Actian to solve their toughest data challenges.