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Introducing Actian in Action


Promoting better mental and physical health for all employees, year-round

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), global prevalence of anxiety and depression increased by 25% in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our leadership team has navigated the pandemic with kindness and understanding, offering staff the time off they need to rest and rejuvenate, while also putting programs in place to empower employees to focus on their mental and physical health.

That’s why in May, we introduced Actian in Action as part of our broader Mental Health Awareness Month initiative. As an organization that, like many, has gone remote in the past couple of years, we designed this year’s program with some friendly employee competition in mind with our virtual 5K and Wellness Week initiatives.

From May 7 through May 15, employees participated in an assortment of challenges and activities – from group fitness classes to live cooking demos and more – to win a variety of prizes, including the grand prize, a new Peloton Bike.

“Wellness Week is a reminder to us all that our colleagues matter,” said Keith Bolam, our UK-based director of strategic initiatives, who participated in our Actian in Action Wellness Week challenge. “Teamwork can benefit everyone in different ways. Whether your presence explicitly or implicitly helps others, by just being there, you can achieve great things together.”

Actian’s virtual 5K event was also held over the course of Wellness Week, with employees encouraged to walk, run or bike and complete the race at their own pace. Those who registered received a race tee, hydration reminder water bottle and fitness tracker to help them meet their goals.

Kerstin Hansen, our senior analyst of order management who lives in Hamburg, Germany, shared, “I always try being active; I go out for a walk or run 2-3 times a week, and also get to the office by bike (total round-trip distance of 30km) twice a week. But participating in the Actian Virtual 5K motivated me so much more to go out and run or do a bike ride. This was a great activity!”

“Since beginning to run initially for weight loss purposes, it quickly became clear to me that I was reaping the rewards of not only the physical benefits, but the mental/wellbeing benefits as well – which was a total surprise to me,” shared Matthew Rendell, our senior manager of technical course development in the UK. “In the utter madness of the world/life as it is today, running provides me with a special place called ‘my space’. In ‘my space’ I figure stuff out – home stuff, work stuff, life stuff – whatever stuff. I put all my ducks back in alignment and prepare myself for the day ahead. Each day I pull on my running gear, lace up my trainers and I go to ‘my space’ – no one else there, no music in my ears – only me, the birds and all of nature around me. It’s the best place to unpick the challenges of life and be ready to tackle them in a calm and considered manner.”

Alongside our recently launched IMPACTIAN program, we’re thrilled to provide opportunities to our employees that meet their needs both personally and professionally that help make them – and Actian – a great place to work. We’re already planning our next wellness activity, so keep an eye out for more information to come!

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About Rae Coffman-Bueb

Rae is the Director, Employee Experience at Actian, focusing on bringing the employee experience to the next level. She is committed to developing strategic programs that help employees feel more empowered in their roles. Rae has a background in People Operations, focused on up leveling and implementing best practice and process adoption across global organizations.

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