Blockchain Integration Analytics

Real-time analytics for blockchain transactions

Perform fast, in-the-moment analytics of smart contracts.

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Smart contracts deserve smart analytics

Actian powers analytics of smart contracts by providing real-time visibility into the state of transactions. You can easily run ad hoc SQL queries against data in the blockchain without creating offline data siloes and sacrificing the integrity of the blockchain.

Actian’s solution consists of the Actian Data Platform, the industry’s fastest analytics platform, and Actian DataConnect, a leading integration technology that integrates and transforms smart contracts into data that can be used for BI and analytics.

What’s possible with Actian analytics

  • Fraud detection: Proactively detect fraudulent transactions by identifying anomalous patterns.
  • Compliance: Ensure all transactions meet stringent regulatory requirements.
  • P&L awareness: Gain real-time understanding of operational balances, transaction volumes and profitability.
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Digital asset holdings

Actian powers the integration and real-time analytics of digital asset holdings’ DAML smart contract applications.

Actian's real-time integration and analytics of blockchain

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Hybrid deployment

Multi-cloud (Azure, AWS, private cloud) and on-premise.

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Pre-built connectivity

Over 200 pre-built connectors for easily connecting ledgers across entities.

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Unmatched performance

The world’s fastest analytics across data volumes, concurrency and query complexity.

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Superior price-performance

9x price performance advantage, with complete cost predictability as you scale.