Hadoop Analytics


Run high performance analytics directly on Hadoop at the speed and scale needed to help your organization transform big data into business value.

The Actian Analytics Platform is a high performance exoskeleton for Hadoop – the data operating system.  Unlike Hadoop distribution and other data management vendors who claim you should move ALL data into their platform, Actian embraces the concept of cooperative analytics where workloads are matched to the best platform within an ecosystem for maximum analytics processing efficiency.   This collaborative approach leverages the speed and sophistication of Actian analytics with a combination of Hadoop data, Hadoop analytic results, corporate data, and high value analytic data already stored in Actian.

The Actian Analytics Platform uniquely enhances and extends Hadoop for both discovery and time-sensitive analytics using next generation capabilities:

  • Parallelized Pipelining– run high performance analytics natively on Hadoop 10X+ faster
  • Data Science Workbench – visually prep and analyze Hadoop data without coding
  • Native SQL on Hadoop – easily access Hadoop data on demand for low latency analytics

If you have Hadoop and you’re looking for a way to get transformative business value from your big data investments, the right choice is the Actian Analytics Platform.


Analyze Hadoop Data 10x Faster

Analyze data natively in Hadoop in minutes instead of days or weeks using a high performance data flow engine designed for auto-scaling and parallelism.  Create automated workflows to pull together data from all your data sources, quickly prepare the data, analyze it and output it to the visualization tool of your choice.  Spend less time preparing your Hadoop data and more time analyzing it to uncover new insights.



Visually Process Hadoop Data

Spend less time preparing your data in Hadoop and more time analyzing it to uncover new insights.  Visually build end-to-end analytics workflows in minutes with a generous set of pre-built drag, drop, and configure data preparation and analytics operators already optimized for parallel execution.  Run faster iterations and get results quicker from your Hadoop data using visual tools and not write a single line of code.





Give Users SQL Access to Hadoop Data

Quickly incorporate Hadoop data for high performance analytics using standard SQL and existing business intelligence or visualization tools.  Built-in analytic database On Demand Integrations (ODI) enables organizations to expand the reach to include more users, more analytics and more data, without retraining on complicated open-source technol­ogy or new tools.



Improve Analytics Accuracy

Boost your analytics firepower and accuracy by enriching Hadoop with data stored in other sources to gain contextual depth in your analysis.  Benefit from high speed parallel, bi-directional in-line sharing of data and analytic processes between Hadoop and the Actian Analytics Platform.  Retrieve analytic results and data sets from Hadoop right at query time.  Perform time-sensitive analytics using the freshest Hadoop data available for pinpoint decision-making.



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