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Enterprise-grade Integration Suite – Available in the Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid or via Engineered Service

To be successful in this data-dependent world, you need to connect and share information between applications.  The problem is, data integration is complex, messy, and keeps you from getting down to business.  You don’t want to think about data integration and neither do your customers.

The bad news: 90 percent of applications require integration to work properly. And, like it or not, application and data integration are what make the business-critical stuff like customer onboarding, compliance, and most other business processes run smoothly and accurately.

The good news: Actian removes the burden of data integration for your business so you can focus on what matters most: delivering a superb experience to your customers. Actian helps you onboard data fast, which makes your customers happy, your application more useful, your company more money and you more successful!

Actian DataConnect has you covered with seamless, fast and easy integration. Actian handles the heavy lifting and makes integration look so easy that it’s virtually invisible.  We remove the bottlenecks and allow you to focus on what’s important.  The business-critical stuff.

With Actian DataConnect, you can:

  • Improve Productivity: Automate time-consuming data integration jobs so you can focus on business-critical projects, your end users can be more self-reliant and everyone can be more efficient.
  • Connect to Any Data Source: With Actian’s “one connector to rule them all” web services connector, you can seamlessly connect to any volume and variety of data, whether it resides in the cloud, on premises or both.
  • Process More Data Faster: Connect disparate data in real-time or via batch processing with an easy-to-use visual interface.

Actian removes the delivery model discussion from the data integration equation. We focus on enabling our customers to achieve their business goals.  That being said, our integration platform is enterprise-grade and feature-rich and can be delivered via the cloud, on premises, hybrid model or our Engineered service – which is delivered by Actian subject-matter experts via our cloud platform.

  • Ceridian Solves the “Three Cs” – Complexity, Change and Compliance – with Actian DataConnect
  • Jason’s Deli Increased Their Sales and Catering Business by Enabling Actian DataConnect to Manage Their CRM Information
  • Microfinance Information eXchange Speeds up Data Flow with Cloud-based Integration

Actian DataCloud – Enabling Invisible Integration


Cloud adoption is primarily being driven by Line of Business. And cloud applications are driving the need for iPaaS.  However, most iPaaS approaches available today are too complex for the Line of Business.

Actian believes that iPaaS must be simplified in order to be truly functional and consumable by the people who so badly need it.

Actian’s iPaaS is enterprise-grade AND offers features that simplify cloud-based data integration, not make it harder.

Actian DataCloud is the only secure, elastic cloud-based platform that integrates cloud and on-premises applications and data. Customers depend on Actian DataCloud to remove friction from data integration while providing universal connectivity, scalability, and enterprise security that is SSAE 16 certified.  We free you from data infrastructure concerns so you can focus on business-critical priorities.

Actian DataCloud gives users the option to choose from:

  • Enterprise-Grade Platform for Power Users: Fully customizable, sophisticated,  data integration, data profiling and data matching capabilities that can scale and perform in the most demanding environments with the agility to accommodate rapidly proliferating and evolving data sources
  • Engineered Service: Actian’s subject-matter experts manage the cloud-based integration process for you, managing the setup, change and ongoing maintenance of integration connections and data process flows. With this approach, unique in the iPaaS market, you remove friction from sales cycles, quickly onboard customer data, and free yourself from the burden of brittle, hand-coded integration or the management of a burdensome, bulky integration platform.
  • Xactly Embeds Actian to Provide Customers with Fast, Flexible Integration
  • Daptiv Gets Actian-Powered Service, Low-Cost, Timely On-Demand Integration Service

Are you a current DataConnect Version 9 customer ready to upgrade your data integration experience?

Whether you need to integrate, migrate, sync, validate, standardize or enrich your data, Actian DataConnect Version 10 has you covered.

  • Limitless scalability for handling any volume of data  Infinite connectivity to the endpoints you need
  • Deploy Anywhere – Cloud, on-premises or hybrid
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Built-in batch scheduling and real-time capabilities
  • Roll-based access and automated backups
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