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Hadoop is here to stay. Actian is here to help.

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Unlock the value of Hadoop with the highest performing, most industrialized SQL Analytics in Hadoop.


Actian Vector in Hadoop (VectorH) give you an unmatched set of capabilities for realizing business value from Hadoop. Best in class data preparation and the broadest analytics support

  • Elastic Data Preparation – Bring in all of your data quickly with the fastest analytic engines, data ingestion technology and KNIME user interface
  • SQL Analytics – Unleash your SQL skills, applications and tools onto Hadoop with fully industrialized SQL support
  • Predictive Analytics – Uncover trends and patterns with hyper-parallelized Hadoop analytic operators powered by KNIME

Getting data into Hadoop is one thing. Getting value out is another.

Today’s solutions require an open, modern approach:

  • Full SQL access in Hadoop
  • Unmatched performance
  • Enterprise-grade features


Data Preparation – your key to success

Blend, enrich and transform your big data with a highly parallel analytics engine that runs natively in Hadoop and delivers breakthrough performance.

  • Reduce wait times
  • Eliminate the need for programming with a user interface powered by KNIME
  • Query native Hadoop files directly
  • Process all your data for more accurate results

Unleash your SQL skills onto Hadoop with fully industrialized SQL analytics

With 3.5 million SQL users in the world, SQL analytics is becoming the key to unlocking the value of Hadoop. Yet not all SQL on Hadoop solutions are alike. Actian VectorH delivers:

  • Highest performing, fully industrialized SQL in Hadoop
  • Full ANSI SQL 92 support
  • ACID compliance
  • Native DBMS security
  • Trickle updates

Uncover trends and patterns with predictive analytics in Hadoop

  • Hyper-parallelized Hadoop analytic operators
  • Modeling and discovery in Hadoop
  • Built-in analytic blueprints with predictive workflows powered by KNIME
  • Deeper analysis and better accuracy

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