Want to accelerate BI with faster, deeper insights? We thought so.

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Empowering the end user

What have you done for your end users lately? Why not give them what they really want – fast answers. With Actian Vector, you can enable more concurrent business users to explore more data faster. They can drill down into billions of rows of data in seconds to deliver analytics at the speed of thought. Easily connect the Actian Vector SMP analytics database to your preferred visualization front-end application and query data using industry standard SQL.


Higher Performance, Less Hardware

When does less hardware costs and less effort equal faster insights? Benefit from state-of-the-art vector technology that unlocks hidden performance features in modern CPUs for record-breaking performance. Actian Vector was designed from the ground up as a column-oriented database to remove the performance bottlenecks found running analytics against row-based relational databases. Rather than database tuning, performance is achieved by unlocking performance features on commodity hardware.

Faster and Easier Analytics

Deploy BI projects faster – without risky, complex and costly data warehouse projects. Actian Vector, with an agile SMP analytics database architecture, makes performance so fast that you can get started sooner without OLAP cubes, schemas and complex builds of aggregations. Give users faster and deeper insight and reduce analytic workloads.

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