Actian Corporation responds to data explosion in Africa by inking Vectorwise agreement with SlipstreamBI

South African market to benefit from record-breaking analytic database paired with leading data visualization tool and local support

South African market to benefit from record-breaking analytic database paired with leading data visualization tool and local support

Cape Town, South Africa – 27 September 2012 – Real-time information management company, Actian Corporation has responded to the data explosion on the African continent by officially launching its record-breaking analytic database platform, Vectorwise, into the South African market today.

As part of the launch, Actian has signed a reseller agreement with SlipstreamBI, a leading provider of BI solutions in the South African market. Under the terms of the agreement, SlipstreamBI will be the first reseller in South Africa to market and provide services for the high-performance and cost-effective analytic database.

The relationship also creates substantial opportunity for Actian in the South African market, giving the company access to a new community of businesses that need more value from their operational and customer information, easily and affordably.

Furthermore, as an existing Tableau Software partner, SlipstreamBI will offer Vectorwise, as the engine behind Tableau’s Business Intelligence (BI) and data visualization tool, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of a comprehensive reporting and ad-hoc analytic solution.

With Vectorwise, companies in the African continent now have an alternative to their legacy database platforms which cost more to scale up for additional business users and direct customer access as companies drive to extract more value from their data. Vectorwise is different than legacy database platforms: the solution has won TPC-H benchmarks for performance, is available at a fraction of the cost of other solutions and doesn’t require special tuning to achieve high-performance.

Vectorwise clients span verticals that range from retail to telco, healthcare to utilities e-commerce to information service providers. All of them are using the platform to mine, analyze and derive business value from their large and complex data volumes that include online, customer and corporate information. Furthermore, many users are complementing their use of Vectorwise with Tableau Software’s data visualization tools, which means that they not only benefit from extremely fast analytic speeds, they can also deliver information and analytic outputs in a meaningful, digestible way to business users.

“SlipstreamBI’s goal is to offer the market high-end, analytical capabilities at a cost advantage over traditional technologies,” commented Andrew Milner, chief technologist at SlipstreamBI. “We believe that the combination of Tableau with its rapid deployment cycles and the speed and cost per query advantages of Vectorwise gives us a very compelling offering that can out-compete most other reporting and analytical database technologies in deployment speed, simplicity and in total cost of ownership.”

”The continued data explosion is affecting African businesses as much as anywhere else in the world. As more information is created, the ability to mine, analyze and make sense of it is as crucial as ever if businesses want to succeed,” explains Geoffrey Sheppard, VP sales, EMEA at Actian. “With SlipstreamBI, we have found a partner that will help us take that message to businesses in the African continent, allowing them to reap the rewards of high-speed analytics and business intelligence. We look forward to working closely with SlipstreamBI to support them in their work to help African businesses derive value from big data and get a competitive advantage that will get them ahead of the game in their vertical markets”

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