SHS-Engineering AG signs reseller agreement with Actian to bring benefits of Ingres and Vectorwise database platforms to Swiss organizations

Swiss IT specialist adds Ingres enterprise-class database and Vectorwise analytic database to portfolio to offer best-of-breed solutions to its customer base

Swiss IT specialist adds Ingres enterprise-class database and Vectorwise analytic database to portfolio to offer best-of-breed solutions to its customer base

Bern, Switzerland and Langen, Germany, January 17, 2013 — Organizations throughout the Swiss Confederation can now turn to local firm SHS-Engineering AG for expertise and experience in deploying and running successful Ingres and Vectorwisedatabase deployments. The IT solutions provider has signed a reseller agreement with Actian Corporation, a leader in next generation big data management and author of both database software solutions.

Based in the Swiss capital Bern, SHS-Engineering AG provides its clients with custom-made IT solutions and services that meet their needs. With twenty-five years of experience in project management and consulting, SHS-Engineering ensures that organizations are provided with the optimum IT solution that allows them to make the most of them in order to drive their business. As a result, the company has now chosen to add both Ingres and Vectorwise to their database portfolio and offer them to their customers.

The company has chosen to offer Ingres 10S, the enterprise-grade database for mission-critical applications that has added support for geospatial applications, and were convinced by the level of performance, reliability, security and stability that the solution offers. Furthermore, the company sees a good fit in Ingres 10S as it allows firms to benefit from enterprise-class database features combined with the open source heritage of Ingres.

To complement Ingres, SHS-Engineering was looking for an analytic database solution that offered significant advantages over other data warehousing and analytic technologies. After a period of testing and evaluation, the firm was convinced by Vectorwise based on superior performance when analyzing large volumes of complex data and a compelling price/performance ratio.

‘We pride ourselves on helping our customers get the most out of IT, whether software, hardware or services,’ commented SHS-Engineering AG. “We make sure our projects are cost and time-sensitive, our solutions are tailor-made and our customers are completely satisfied with our work and our expertise. We are delighted to now offer both Ingres and Vectorwise as part of our database portfolio; we were convinced by the enterprise-class features of Ingres as well as the excellent cost/performance ratio of Vectorwise. Now, organizations throughout Switzerland have more cost-effective database alternatives to other solutions out there in the market.”

“Data volumes are on the increase everywhere, and Switzerland is no exception,” added Dr. Marcus Menzel, country manager CEMEA at Actian Corporation. “By adding both Ingres and Vectorwise to their solution portfolio, SHS-Engineering AG can now help local firms to not only transact and analyze their data, but also act upon it to drive their operations. We’re excited to be working with such an experienced provider of IT solutions in Switzerland.”

About SHS-Engineering AG

SHS-Engineering AG is an IT solution and services provider that provides organizations with complex, custom-made IT solutions and infrastructure. The company has extensive knowledge and multi-platform expertise and has been working with local organizations in the Swiss Confederation since 1987. The company prides itself on delivering quality, building trust and keeping its clients happy. The company is based in Bern. For more information, go to

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Actian Corporation enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations.

Actian helps 10,000 customers worldwide take action on their big data with Action Apps, Vectorwise, the analytical database, and Ingres, an independent mission-critical OLTP database. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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