Medical Data Vision Enhances The Quality of Medical Care With Actian Vectorwise

Japanese medical software and service provider chooses Vectorwise in under one week following rigorous evaluation of database solutions

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 19, 2012 – Actian Corporation today announced that Medical Data Vision, a medical software and service provider to Japanese hospitals and healthcare providers, has selected the record-breaking analytical database, Vectorwise, to power their Evidence Based Medicine service.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, Medical Data Vision develops and sells management support software designed for hospitals and other healthcare providers including Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) service. EBM aims to improve the quality of medical care by analyzing and sharing the medical results using clinical data, epidemiological studies, market research and drug development. EBM service can collect large volumes of data which can slow query performance. With the aid of their partners Cyber Systems, Medical Data Vision selected the Vectorwise analytical database to enable their EBM service to deliver faster results on large volumes of medical data.

“We needed a high performance database for our Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) service which analyzes medical data gathered from hospitals,” said Shinji Hirai, Business Development Division of Medical Data Vision. “Over a period of 2 months, we evaluated 5 other high performance database options and only discovered Vectorwise in the last week of testing. At first we were doubtful of the claims citing analytical speeds of 70-100x faster, but our own testing confirmed these astonishing results. We tested and selected Vectorwise in the last week of our evaluation period based on outstanding high performance and affordability. We are very grateful of what Vectorwise enables us to achieve; now we can deliver faster analytical insights on our large and complex volumes of medical data.”

The record-breaking Vectorwise database last year smashed the Transaction Processing Performance Council’s TPC-H benchmark by the largest margin ever recorded for 100GB, 300GB and 1TB on a single server.

“The top criteria Medical Data Vision gave us was fast performance for complex reports from big medical data.” Said Masashi Ono, Director of Cyber Systems. “It also had to use commodity hardware and be easy to use and maintain. We evaluated databases on virtual environments on Amazon EC2 by running various SQL queries on high volumes of real medical data. Vectorwise delivered far superior performance.”

Insight Technology, providing database related software, service and appliance has recently joined the project for local Vectorwise implementation and support. The new EBM service will start this summer and will contribute to the enhancement of medical quality in Japan.

“The Japanese health care system is constantly recognized as one of the best in the world,” said Jason Leonidas, Vice President of Sales and Services for Actian in Asia Pacific & Japan. “It is exciting to see Medical Data Vision use Vectorwise to enable medical practitioners to share and analyze empirical rich medical data faster. We would like to thank our Japanese distributor New Systems Technology (NST) and their partner Insight Technology for helping MDV get started with Vectorwise in under a week.”

About Medical Data Vision

Medical Data Vision Co, Ltd. develops and sells management support software designed for hospitals and other healthcare providers. It offers software and service with functions, such as cost accounting, analysis of management indicators, and DPC data analysis. Medical Data Vision Co, Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.

About Actian

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New Systems Technology (NST) is a Japanese company that publishes and distributes packaged software for large business corporations and large organizations in Japan. NST supports customer’s efforts to maximize the performance, reliability, and efficiency of their IT Systems. NST’s loyal customers number more than 400, in diverse industries such as finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutics, data centre, outsourcers, and system integrators.

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