Datamatics Selects Ingres Vectorwise to Power its Smart Meter Solution

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Ingres Vectorwise speeds up smart meter data processing of the new Datamatics Cloud service

Langen, Germany – July 4, 2011 – Ingres Corporation, pioneers of the breakthrough analytic database, Vectorwise, today announced that Datamatics Global Services GmbH has selected Ingres Vectorwise analytical database for its new “Homes” Hosted Meter Solution platform. Using Vectorwise, smart meter data can be processed even faster and made available to utility companies as a tailored solution.

The Homes Hosted Meter Solution is a comprehensive solution covering all tasks that result from the use of smart meters. As a hosted Cloud Service with integrated customer portal, it enables utility companies to lease or purchase the new offering starting with the first smart meter. Especially smaller service providers in the area of power accounting as well as regional public utilities can benefit from direct cloud access and thus avoid high upfront investment in IT infrastructure.

Since the end of last year, the German Energy Management Act prescribes that a smart meter for power and gas, which is read at least every 15 minutes to provide tariff information, is mandatory for every new building or every energy-conserving renovation. The data volumes that are aggregated in modern power meters and transmitted to utility companies surpass the previous amount of data by a factor of 35,000. Utilities need an appropriate IT infrastructure to manage and process such data volumes if they opt for an in-house smart meter solution. While larger utilities can afford this, it represents a huge investment for smaller energy providers such as local public utilities.

The Homes Hosted Meter Solution by Datamatics represents an affordable way to process smart meter data. Public utilities with up to 10,000 meters can lease the on-demand solution for immediate use whereas public utilities with more than 10,000 meters are recommended to purchase the solution. Regardless of the license model chosen by a utility company, the solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing data management and accounting systems. Running on high-performance Ingres Vectorwise database, the smart meter data is available at any time of the day in near real-time, giving Datamatics customers a chance to evaluate data almost in real-time and use the information gathered to charge their power or gas customers the right tariffs. The solution also enables energy customers to calculate their hourly or daily power consumption through an end customer portal via a PC or smart phone, to analyse costs and take appropriate action. If a customer produces energy, e.g. by means of photovoltaic facilities, the power fed into the grid can be compared to their consumption.

In an initial benchmark, Ingres Vectorwise was able to read and evaluate up to 7 million units with polling taking place every 15 minutes via a standard SQL and conventional hardware with minimum configuration. Using proper hardware equipment, the database would theoretically be able to cover every household in Germany. ‘Of course this is a ballpark figure that fully meets our expectations as well as our requirements for the solution. Ingres Vectorwise is the only product that can process such an amount of data with standard SQL queries,’ said Michael Thuleweit, managing director, Datamatics Global Services GmbH. ‘In addition to database performance, an important factor in selecting Ingres Vectorwise was the license model. We are very pleased that Ingres tailored its solution to our business model which uses units such as per meter, per use and per month.’

‘The hosted meter solution from Datamatics is currently the only solution which is offered as a cloud service and which not only eliminates the need for utility companies and public utilities to heavily invest in IT infrastructure but also – as the benchmark has demonstrated – provides the necessary database performance,’ said Olaf Laber, director business development at Ingres. ‘Of course, we are also proud to be a part of this innovative solution. Whilst our standard business model is core-based, we were please to adapt it to suit Damatics’ business model.’

Ingres Vectorwise is an innovative database that unlocks the power of modern commodity CPUs with a database engine that leverages vector-based processing and in-chip memory to provide dramatic performance gains over other datasets.

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