Viteco pens reseller agreement with Actian to bring the power and simplicity of Vectorwise to Danish organizations

Danish BI and analytics specialist adds Vectorwise analytic database to portfolio to offer cost-effective data analytics and support Microstrategy deployments

Copenhagen, Denmark, November 27, 2012 – From today, organizations throughout Denmark can now depend on local BI and data analytics company Viteco Aps to supply and support Vectorwise, the high-speed and cost-effective analytic database technology, following the signature of a reseller agreement with Actian Corporation, the real-time information management company.

Based in Copenhagen, Viteco works with organizations in the insurance, financial services and automotive industries throughout Denmark. As an existing partner of Microstrategy and Qlikview, the company was looking for an analytic database solution that offered a significant advantage over legacy data warehousing and analytic technologies. Following an extensive period of evaluation, Viteco agreed that Vectorwise radically reduces the time it takes to manipulate and analyze large volumes of complex data and offers a compelling price/performance ratio to organizations that are faced with ever-increasing data volumes and the need to derive business value from them.

Furthermore, the company agreed that Vectorwise represents a “perfect fit” for the Danish BI and analytic market; the database offers breath-taking analytic speeds using a cost-effective model for data volumes of all sizes, and is therefore the analytic solution for all Danish companies – whether large or small – who want to gain more insight from their data faster.

Viteco further cites the simplicity of running Vectorwise and its ease of integration with a wide range of business intelligence tools, including Microstrategy, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos and Tableau Software, as key differentiators. As a result, Viteco is well suited to help Danish companies handle the Big Data phenomenon; departments within large enterprises as well as data-centric businesses such as information service providers, whose lifeblood is analyzing data, now have a local company who can deliver powerful and cost-effective BI and analytic solutions based on Vectorwise.

“By adding Vectorwise to the BI and analytics portfolio of products and services that we offer Danish businesses, we can now solve a lot of the analytic issues that our customers are currently experiencing,” commented Jesper Bakka, partner at Viteco Aps. “The performance, low cost and ease of use of the Vectorwise analytic platform means that the database is a very attractive proposition for many of our clients that are faced with making sense of and deriving value from large and complex data volumes. Instead of having to maintain a large number of indexes and data aggregates, they can get on with the analytics and BI work using Vectorwise with very minimal overhead.”

Recognizing Vectorwise as a low TCO data analytics solution, Viteco will work with companies to help them get value out of their data and BI projects much faster and more easily than before. The company notes that Vectorwise offers a different way; end-users do not have to spend cycles on configuring and tweaking the database to make it work, instead they can load their data sets and analyze them within minutes, allowing them to get on with their work.

“As data volumes continue to explode and the Big Data phenomenon affects companies in Denmark too, Viteco is set to help them respond to the needs of business users who want to interrogate and analyze large volumes of data – whether it be external or internal or both – and use the insight gained to drive their businesses forward,” added Geoff Sheppard, VP of EMEA sales at Actian Corporation. “We’re delighted to welcome Viteco into our ecosystem of BI and analytic partners that offer and support Vectorwise.”

About Viteco Aps

Viteco Aps is a Danish company with extensive and long term experience of putting business intelligence solutions into play and improving the business of its clients. The company’s focus is on ensuring maximum benefit for the client, from the first meeting throughout the entire implementation process, something often taken for granted – and rarely accomplished.

Viteco’s services include consultancy, education and software within Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Social Intelligence and Process Optimization. Its clients come from a wide number of industries, including banking, insurance, automotive, medical, retail as well as the public sector.

The company’s approach is based on agile methods and SCRUM, which provide a structured yet simple framework for extensive user involvement, which is key to successful Business Intelligence implementations. For more information, go to or get in touch via LinkedIn.

About Actian: Take Action on Big Data

Actian Corporation enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations. Actian helps 10,000 customers worldwide take action on their big data with Action Apps, Vectorwise, the analytical database, and Ingres, an independent mission-critical OLTP database. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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