Actian ParAccel Offers Streamlined SQL Access to Hadoop Data

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Hortonworks Alliance and Support for HCatalog Power Advanced Analytics on Hadoop Data

Redwood City, Calif. – May 20, 2013 – Organizations are encountering significant challenges running advanced analytics on big data stored in Apache Hadoop. To address this need, Actian today announced general availability of its Hadoop On Demand Integration module v2.0 for ParAccel, including support for HCatalog, the centralized metadata repository supported in several distributions of Hadoop, notably Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).

ParAccel’s enhanced On Demand Integration module establishes parallel, bi-directional connections between the ParAccel Analytic Platform and Hadoop, allowing analysts to access Hadoop data at query time without an additional integration process or tool. Now organizations can leverage existing SQL skill sets and business intelligence tools on Hadoop data using the full spectrum of SQL functions. With a single SQL query, any analyst can run high-performance, advanced analytics across data in Hadoop and other corporate data sources.

This release also marks a milestone in an established alliance between the ParAccel team and Hortonworks, the only 100 percent open source data management platform for Apache Hadoop.

“Together, Hortonworks Data Platform and ParAccel Analytic Platform offer an integrated big data management and analytics solution that is cost-effective and quickly returns value for our shared customers,” said Mitch Ferguson, vice president of business development at Hortonworks. “With ParAccel’s support for HCatalog, companies can effectively target specific Hadoop data for analysis, running any SQL query and getting results in record time.”

Hadoop is often used to process and store large amounts of incoming data, particularly “semi-structured” and unstructured data such as weblogs or machine sensor data. To make analysis in Hadoop less complex, analysts can write a SQL query to ParAccel Analytic Platform, which accesses Hadoop data via the On-Demand Integration module and moves it into ParAccel for analysis. Parallel connections and optional HCatalog support enable the most efficient data movement between Hadoop and ParAccel, filtering and moving only the subset of data needed for a particular analysis right at query time, without a secondary process or tool. The ParAccel Hadoop On Demand Integration module gives analysts inline SQL access to big data to run advanced analytic functions, such as predictive analytics, market basket functions, pattern matching and social-aware text analytics.

“The integrated ParAccel-Hortonworks solution enables our mutual customers to unlock value from big data faster by making it easy and accessible to run SQL on data stored in Hadoop or other data sources. The combination brings together two extremely cost-effective platforms to maximize big data ROI,” said Rich Ghiossi, vice president of marketing for ParAccel.

Technology leaders from the companies will further discuss the combined solution in a webinar and live demo on May 21, 2013 10 a.m. PDT.

ParAccel and Hortonworks already share several customers. The most common use case of the combined platforms has been an “operational data refinery” model, leveraging Hortonworks HDP for Hadoop, while using ParAccel for high-performance big data analytics.

The ParAccel Hadoop On Demand Integration module is generally available now. For pricing and additional information, please contact ParAccel.

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