Actian Integrates ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform to Speed Time to Analytic Value

Platform combines ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform’s high-performance analytical capabilities with Hadoop’s data management capabilities to democratize big data analytics

Redwood City, Calif. – October 11, 2013 Actian Corporation (“Actian”), a next-generation leader in big data analytics, announced the release of new ParAccel Dataflow Operators that integrate the recently announced ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform, further unifying its technology offerings. This new innovation ties together the data management capabilities of Hadoop with the high-performance analytic processing of the ParAccel Big Data Analytic Platform, enabling organizations to achieve better price performance and quicker time to analytic value.

The ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform provides a single, visual interface to load, prepare, enrich and analyze data natively on various Apache Hadoop distributions. Users can now process data directly on Hadoop and move the data to the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform’s high-performance analytics engine without any MapReduce or SQL programming, rapidly increasing the rate at which business value is derived from the analytics process. Business users and analysts alike can leverage the extreme performance of the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform for their predictive analytics initiatives.

“In the Age of Data, organizations need next-generation technologies that rapidly turn big-data investments into value-creation engines. To achieve this, different data platforms must work together to meet the mixed workload demands that result from the convergence of emerging data and new analytics,” said Steve Shine, chief executive officer of Actian Corporation. “Actian has quickly integrated its leading-edge technology assets to create a cooperative analytic processing environment that accelerates the speed at which data flows from data management to high-value analytics.”

The ParAccel Dataflow Operators enable data to persist within Actian’s massively parallel analytic processing engine or the single-node version used for accelerated business intelligence or analytic applications. When used in conjunction with Hadoop’s superior data management capabilities, the platform gives business users the ability to conduct analytics leveraging best-of-breed point applications for enterprise-class deployments.

“Platforms that allow workloads to gravitate to the engine best-suited to handle specific kinds of processing will consistently lower the cost of computing,” said Shawn Rogers, vice president of Enterprise Management Associates. “Hadoop is optimal for preparing and enriching data, as well as search and discovery analytics. Analytic platforms are best-suited for running high-performance, lower latency analytics at any scale. Actian’s next-generation, shared processing approach is consistent with the way companies should architect systems to leverage both technologies.”

This technology integration comes only months removed from Actian’s announcement of leveraging recently acquired companies ParAccel, Pervasive Software and Versant Corporation to deliver the ParAccel Big Data Analytics and Actian DataCloud Platforms. “You are seeing the new Actian in action,” said Shine. “We are a big data innovator with the agility of a small Silicon Valley startup and the strength and staying power of a global stalwart.”

About Actian: Take Action on Big Data

Actian powers the action-driven enterprise in the Age of Data, delivering rapid time to analytic value with a modular approach that connects data assets behind the scenes, enables unconstrained analytics and scales almost without limits. The Actian DataCloud Integration and ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platforms help organizations leverage data assets for competitive advantage, delivering highly parallelized software that fully exploits modern chip, core and cluster infrastructures. Its scalable solutions deliver powerful business results for industry innovators. Actian serves tens of thousands of users worldwide and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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