Actian Vectorwise Helps Inferenda Measurably Retain Customers and Improve Satisfaction

Actian Vectorwise Fuels Rise in Data-Centric Businesses

London, United Kingdom, September 19th, 2012 Actian Corporation today announced that Inferenda, a leading provider of marketing data services solutions, has joined its stellar list of customers. Actian Vectorwise, the record-breaking analytic database continues to gain momentum in providing, core real-time data infrastructure for modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and cloud businesses.

The race to capitalize on growing data volumes and the demand for real-time analytics has created a new species of organization. One that specializes in collating, aggregating and storing data; offering other businesses the ability to interact and analyze data as a commercial service. These organizations include: data service providers, data aggregators, SaaS providers, marketing service organizations and analytic service providers. Their success is dependent on a high-performance analytic database and Actian Vectorwise helps them deliver a brilliant customer experience.

Serving as the market leader in database marketing services and technology, Inferenda’s implementation of Actian’s record-breaking analytic database allows for increased speed, and minimizes turnaround time for customer orders. With Actian Vectorwise powering QueryFlex, the company’s self-service application for data count and order generation, Inferenda has experienced measurable customer retention and increased satisfaction. From a business perspective, this has increased internal efficiencies as sales representatives no longer have to handle customer complaints allowing them to spend more time selling.

“As we witnessed an increase in customer orders and queries, our company needed an analytic database that was direct, fast, easy to implement and worked well with our vast amounts of data and customer queries,” said Pam Lang, chief information officer of Inferenda. “The moment we implemented Actian Vectorwise, we saw an immediate increase in speed, allowing us to run queries at ten times the speed. Past solutions were slow running exploratory queries and difficult to manage, often consuming over ten minutes to run one query. Now they run in under a minute.”

“Actian Vectorwise creates an ideal platform for companies delivering analytics as a service to customers over the Internet or for companies whose business operates in the cloud generating vast amounts of unstructured data that needs to be analyzed for critical business insight,” commented Fred Gallaher, general manager of Vectorwise at Actian. “Actian Vectorwise is opening new revenue opportunities for analytic and data service providers. Our lighting-fast speed and performance is a boon to businesses aiming to capitalize on the delivery of growing data volumes as a customer service.”

Inferenda joins a long line of data-oriented businesses that require robust analytic database infrastructure for analysis and service delivery. Whether it’s Badoo, the world’s fastest growing social network for meeting new people, Unruly Media, a global platform for social video advertising, Medical Data Vision, a medical data service provider based in Japan, Geological Data Design, a mining data service provider in Australia, IsCool, a European leader in social gaming applications on Facebook to Zoho Reports, a global online BI reporting service, Vectorwise is pushing the growth in analytic customer services across the globe.

About Actian: Take Action on Big Data

Actian Corporation enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations.

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