Got Hadoop? Then you need Actian.

In today’s information-centric world where data volumes continue to grow at a mind-boggling rate and where data needs to be captured and understood to meet goals – whether it be regulatory compliance, risk management, customer analytics or operational excellence – there can be no doubt that Hadoop-based data management solutions have a role to play.


And while many organizations are doing great things with Hadoop around transaction capture, archival and bulk ETL, on the analytics front things are proving a little tougher.  There’s lots of development work going on, yet performance levels are not quite what they hoped for.  There’s PIG, HIVE, Mahout, Impala and other vendor “innovations” out there that only do half a job and still, data analysts and data scientists have business queries that need answering.

So, how can you still use Hadoop and get good data quality and – more importantly – fast data analytics?  There is no question that organizations want and need to get more out of their Hadoop clusters; businesses demand more from Hadoop than just a low-cost data storage and ETL solution.

This is where Actian’s analytic platform comes in.  Recently described as the exoskeleton for Hadoop, the platform offers seamless integration with Hadoop clusters, so companies can connect their data, prepare it, optimize it and analyze it easily, all from within Hadoop.  No longer are they faced with having to extract it and feed it into another platform; organizations can now keep it where it is and let Actian’s analytic platform help make sense of it.

So, this holiday season, why not revel in the delight that the Actian analytic platform is the perfect gift you hoped to get: a complementary solution alongside Hadoop deployments to handle demanding analytics, reporting and BI queries.

Best of all, the analytic platform will protect existing Hadoop investments by allowing you to use it for what it’s best at.  More importantly, move your business forward by answering important business questions of your data in Hadoop at the speed of thought.  To learn more about Actian and Hadoop, have a look at this page.

So, chances are that if you have Hadoop, in 2014, you will need Actian.  Until then, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all.

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Sean Jackson is the marketing director for EMEA and APAC at Actian. Sean has an insatiable appetite to travel, ski, improve his photography skills, write, become a master of Adobe Creative Suite, play the piano, speak a variety of languages, and discover more about the world of big data analytics and Hadoop.

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