Two New Platforms for the Age of Data


The Original Announcement

Essentially, Actian has followed up its flurry of acquisitions with an announcement of how all the acquired and organic technologies and business models fit together into two new platforms that address a lot of current information management challenges, the Actian DataCloud for integration, and the ParAccel Big Data Analytics Platform for analytics (in addition to the enterprise databases – Ingres, Versant, and PSQL) used by tens of thousands of users worldwide). In case you missed it, here’s the original announcement that started the discussion:

Actian Launches Cloud Integration and Big Data Analytics Platforms to Power the Action-Driven Enterprise in the Age of Data

There’s also a fun little infographic: How to Thrive in the Age of Data

Some of What People Had to Say About the Announcement

Actian Launches ParAccel Big Data Analytics - Pedro Hernandez, Enterprise Apps Today

Is Actian Ahead or Ahead of Itself? - Evan Quinn, QuinnSight Research

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Cloud computing – is it a billing thing? - David Norfolk, Bloor Research

Actian Launches New Platforms For “The Age Of Data” - Alex Williams, TechCrunch

Actian lance son offre d’analytics Big Data - Dominique Filippone, Journal du Net (in French)

Actian Unfurls DataCloud to Drive App Integration at Scale - Mike Vizard, ITBusiness Edge

Actian Launches Elastic, Cloud-Based Integration Platform - Chris Talbot, Talk in Cloud

Actian Actually Putting Its Acquisitions to Use - Nick Kolakowski, SlashDot

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Ron Powell of B-Eye got an exclusive interview with Actian’s CEO, Steve Shine, just before the announcement, that really went into a lot of depth on the leader of Actian’s reasoning behind both the acquisitions and the new Actian platforms.
Uniquely Positioned for the Challenges of Big Data: A Spotlight Q&A with Steve Shine, CEO of Actian - Ron Powell, B-Eye

Daniel Robinson of V3 also extensively quoted Steve Shine in his discussion of the new platforms.
Actian unveils big data analytics and cloud integration platforms - Daniel Robinson, V3

Mike Hoskins blogged on the “Age of Data” concepts and it’s inherent challenges that guided the course of the Actian platforms.
Survive and Thrive in the Age of Data - Mike Hoskins, CTO, Actian Corp.

What Drove Actian in this Direction?

So, lots of folks have talked about what the new Actian platforms are built to do, but in many ways, a bigger question is why did Actian go this way? Here are some quotes from Actian’s CEO, Steve Shine, that I think really highlight the answer to that question.

“We spoke to customers and realised that the [Vectorwise] database alone wasn’t what they wanted. Data has a lifecycle, and you have to look at that lifecycle from the source through the enrichment and optimisation stages through to analysis. You need to do massive Hadoop-level processing, and then serve up the results in the right way.”

” … more of the customers were starting to say they really needed lower latency, quicker response times or needed to be able to hold more and more data. We saw this as a growing trend.”

“Actian is all about data. Everything we do is about helping our customers tap into data and then enrich that data and essentially derive business value from data.”

“The Age of Data is only just getting started. The volume of digital data out there is going to increase exponentially, and we want anyone to be able to take advantage. Big data applications are only just the beginning.”

“To win in the Age of Data, organizations must become action-enabled enterprises with access to unconstrained analytics and frictionless data integration. Our modular approach delivers the quickest time to value with phenomenal scalability to future-proof your business.”

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