The Land Down Under


A few years ago I  blogged about my first visit to Australia.  Australia is truly beautiful and overflowing with natural resources, and the fact that the only souvenir I brought home from my visit was a pair of kangaroo balls continues to be a source of shame.   OK I admit it, I know no shame; the souvenir is proudly displayed in my glass display case in my living room.

The Ingres 10S launch got us some press coverage in a specialist geospatial publication as well as in the trade press in Australia.  Given their abundance of natural resources, Australia presents a massive opportunity for us to provide a cost effective alternative for esri users with an eye on the bottom line.

Tyler Mitchell and I are repeating our Ingres 10S webinar in a timezone more amendable to our antipodean friends, on May 23rd.   Details and registration available here.

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