The gift that keeps on giving


In my last blog post, I discussed the question of whether today’s digital age has made us all more impatient when it comes to waiting for things to happen – whether it be for the line at the coffee shop to get shorter or the time it takes for our BI reports and analytic queries to show us the information we want.  Naturally, the latter calls for high performance analytic database technology that can deliver the speeds to which we have become accustomed.  Well, things have just got a whole lot faster.

Vectorwise Gift that keeps on giving

Recent benchmarks show that Actian’s analytic database technology, Vectorwise, offers yet faster analytic speeds thanks to continous improvements made in hardware technology.  In fact, new results show how, using Lenovo hardware as opposed to Dell in previous tests, Vectorwise is faster and cheaper at the 100GB and 300GB mark.  You can see the results in detail here.

Noteworthy are a few items.  First, how at 100GB Vectorwise 3.0 offers a better QphH output rate – that’s “queries per hour” to you and me – using significantly less RAM on Lenovo hardware than before when compared to Vectorwise 2.0.1 on Dell hardware.  It would appear the in-memory databases touting themselves as the “only” fast way to get performance are just plain wrong; organizations can get just as fast, if not better analytic throughput with Vectorwise which relies on modern CPUs and multi-core parallelism rather than RAM to get super-fast performance.  Also, the total cost of the solution has been reduced.  So not only do you get a faster analytic database solution, it is also cheaper.

At the 300GB level, the difference now between previous benchmark results and those conducted recently on Lenovo hardware equates to an even better cost saving and performance improvement, again using significantly less RAM.  Undoubtedly, organizations continue to gain from the fact that, with Vectorwise, hardware requirements and costs continue to go down and yet analytic performance continues to go up.

So, yes, we may live in a world where we want it all and we want it now, but that is no bad thing.  On the contrary;  thankfully there are solutions like Actian Vectorwise, an analytic database that is the gift that keeps on giving.  The days of investing in expensive and complex system architectures to get performance have passed; just use Vectorwise and let the database reap the rewards of faster and better hardware for you.  Do that and you will never look at fast BI, reporting and analytics the same way again.

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