The Full Monty


I’m not going to comment on Monty Widenius’ latest blog, because heaven knows Actian isn’t perfect, but I think you’ll find it makes interesting reading:

I believe it’s almost time to add a second chapter to the MySQL inspired fairytale that I posted here earlier this year.

As an FYI, for an Actian release to be declared GA we have a fairly significant, and constantly growing, set of tests which needs to complete successfully without functional regression, crash, segfault, corruption, or serious performance regression. Each release is accompanied by a set of release notes which include a section describing the known problems at the time of GA, so that our users are aware of the issues that we know about and are working to address.

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As SVP of Engineering at Actian, Emma leads development for the Actian Vector team, including the Ingres and X100 components, and the Actian Matrix Planner team. A leading authority in DBMS technologies, Emma is celebrating 20 years in Ingres and Actian Engineering.

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