Survive and Thrive in the Age of Data


We’ve moved definitively into the Age of Data.  It’s key hallmarks are data ubiquity, an explosion of endpoints, and data that’s increasingly born in the cloud.  We can no longer expect to stuff orderly structured data into static data warehouses.  Now data is in motion – born digitally and flowing constantly.

As the universe is increasingly instrumented, data is coming from a dizzying array of sources.  With the Internet of Things, digital data is spawned non-stop from smart sensors and monitors – from digital logistics, process manufacturing, smart appliances, smart meters, medical devices – trillions of time-stamped location-based events spawned daily.  And social, mobile and Web apps yield mounds of behavioral data for sentiment analysis, market basket optimization, security and law enforcement.

Meanwhile analytics are fast evolving from the domain of high science and deep technologists to mainstream adoption everywhere you turn.  The data is at hand, and now businesses for the first time have the opportunity for line-of-business users to:

  • Discover what can’t be seen with human observation to act on a short-lived opportunity- or avoid a fast-emerging threat
  • Predict what will happen rather than peering into a rear-view mirror
  • Prescribe the optimal action or offer for an organization and its customers

And these same line-of-business users demand fast, frictionless experiences that mirror the one-click ease with which they navigate and use new apps – what many call the Consumerization of IT.

As CTO at Actian, I’m excited that we have created and acquired a phenomenal array of assets that are written for the modern IT infrastructure to scale virtually limitlessly, both up and out, to leverage high core-count SMPs, clusters, and scalable Hadoop nodes.  Our innovative customers already are using the Actian DataCloud platform to link to data sources everywhere and deliver invisible integration with high-performance robustness behind the scenes.  Others use our ParAccel Big Data Analytics platform to deliver unconstrained analytics that fit the full spectrum of analytic needs, from data discovery, high-performance BI, high-performance analytics and applications that automate data-driven business actions.

Together, these platforms deliver a complete, end-to-end array of capabilities with performance and scalability that were unthinkable until recently.  We’ve applied some of the most innovative software in the industry so our customers can lead and win in the Age of Data, with the agility to scale and evolve as an ever-changing data universe swirls around us.

I invite you to explore Actian capabilities as you step forward into the opportunity to not only survive, but THRIVE, in the Age of Data.

About Mike Hoskins

Actian CTO Michael Hoskins directs Actian’s technology innovation strategies and evangelizes game-changing trends in big data, analytics, Hadoop and cloud to give insight into Accelerating Big Data 2.0™. Mike, a Distinguished and Centennial Alumnus of Ohio’s Bowling Green State University, is a respected technology thought leader who has been featured in TechCrunch,, Datanami, The Register and Scobleizer. Mike has been a featured speaker at events worldwide, including Strata NY + Hadoop World, keynoting at DeployCon, the “Open Standards and Cloud Computing” panel at the Annual Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the “Scaling the Database in the Cloud” panel at Structure, and the “Many Faces of Map Reduce - Hadoop and Beyond” panel at Structure Big Data. Mike received the AITP Austin chapter's Information Technologist of the Year Award for his leadership in developing Actian DataFlow, a highly parallelized framework to leverage multicore. Follow Mike on Twitter: @MikeHSays.

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