The news is full of disruptive events in the world this week be they the uprisings in the Middle East or the volcano in Iceland to the Tornadoes in Missouri. Actian too has been responsible for some disruptive activity that we believe will be far more constructive to the industries we serve. VectorWise breaking two more non-clustered benchmark records, the unveiling of our cloud strategy in March, and today, announcing the availability of SkyInsight, our first cloud-based managed service.

What I found intriguing about the launch of SkyInsight were the results of a survey we conducted over the last two weeks. We surveyed 220+ data architects, data warehousing professionals and business intelligence experts. Here are just a couple of snippets. Reply if you want a full summary of the survey.

  1. Cloud use is already pervasive! Nearly 71% of respondents said that they are either currently using the cloud in their IT mix or plan to in the near future. This just validates that some of the concerns around cloud computing are dissolving and companies are recognizing the significance of being able to turn on a service quickly to add immediate business value.Cloud
  2. BI and Archive in demand: 65% of respondents said they hope or plan to be using business intelligence or data analytics in the cloud in 1-2 years time. What this shows us is that out of all of the cloud-based applications and services, there are two that clearly stand out as having real business value.Cloud

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