Open Source and the Global Economic Recession


Open source software provides tremendous economic benefits, but can it save the world from global economic recession?

The crisis being experienced in the financial services industry today is entirely due to greed. Companies like Lehman Brothers were built on pyramids of gluttony; from the folks on the ground, who inflated their deal books to maximize their bonuses, right the way up the chain to the executive management team who reaped tremendous rewards by turning a blind eye to nefarious business practices.

Selfless open source contributors who donate their time, energy and talent for the greater good will not be able to comprehend this level of selfishness and greed and will no doubt play a vital role in reinstating economic stability. The reverberations from what’s happening on Wall Street are already being felt on main street and in the coming months we’ll witness unprecedented levels of staff and budget reductions. Free and open source software could provide relief to budget starved CIOs ,but there’s cost and risk associated with moving platforms and who could blame a CIO for being risk averse in times like these.

I’d like to invite those of you who have been successful with free and open source software to share your successes. Let’s build a library of success stories, lessons learned, best practices and tools to assist with the migration process and let’s put the CIO in a position where he can slam the door on commercial software vendors charging exorbitant license fees for commodity software.

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