More world records for VectorWise…so what?


Today in record-breaking news, Chiddy Bang, a rapper broke an all time high record for the longest freestyle rap – rhyming for just over 9 hours. I’m not sure who Chiddy is as I don’t follow rappers and their record-breaking rhyming, but I did find one point of this story worth reciting.  The previously held record was 9 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. Chiddy was able to break the record by adding an additional 3 minutes and 7 seconds to the previous best. I guess that’s quite a feat when you are freestyle rapping, but the results just don’t appear astonishing.

Today VectorWise broke two more TPC-H benchmark records; one at 300GB and the other at 1TB. But the real news isn’t just about VectorWise and Dell breaking the previous records, it’s about the magnitude by which the past record was broken and what it means to business. It’s not often we see such breakthrough results, as described here by Dell’s Director of Engineering David Morse.

Even more importantly are the implications for the tech industry and various vertical industries. The Dell PowerEdge R910 server with the latest Intel Xeon E7 processors can tackle the toughest workloads and greatly enhance database performance making it an ideal platform for UNIX/RISC migration. Couple that with VectorWise and you’ve got a powerhouse for low latency analytics. I predict this disruptive change in the analytics market will see one of the last bastions of the Unix fortress fall to the X86 crusade. 

So what does 300% performance gain at half the price mean to business?  It means Capital markets are able to do multiple intra-day risk analysis thereby improving their balance sheets by millions and hopefully reducing the risk of another global financial crisis. It means more Retail organizations can afford to do real-time POS analysis for inventory and margin optimization.  Telecommunication companies can respond even faster to network capacity demands with faster CDR analysis to provide Service Assurance. There are implications in every industry.

I will blog again on specific use cases as we deliver the promise of affordable high performance BI for our clients.

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