Kickin’ off Coffee @Actian with Ray: Hortonworks’ Jim Walker on All Things Hadoop


Ready for your first jolt of actionable big data goodness? The much-anticipated Coffee@Actian with Ray is live! Grab a cup of joe and dive in for a fast-paced spin through Hadoopland as Constellation Chief Research Officer Ray Wang chats with Hortonworks’ Director of Product Marketing Jim Walker to separate the hype from reality.  Jim talks about the big shift in 2014 to enterprise production projects on Hadoop from earlier focus on research projects.

In his discussion with Ray, Jim:

  • Breaks down YARN for you and explains how it liberates data from the so-called Hadoop “data lake”
  • Describes how this enables amazing business transformation results from looking not just at traditional data sources, but also new sources like sensor, clickstream and sentiment data business outcomes his customers see with Hadoop-enabled analytics
  • Gives insights into the need for the power of interactive SQL querying on the massive datasets in Hadoop
  • How a data architecture that supports multiple processing approaches on the same sets of data delivers astounding business possibilities

It’s great to hear Ray flat-out ask the question that’s on so many people’s minds:  is Hadoop so disruptive that it blows away everything that’s come along in the last 20-30 years? The discussion he and Jim have on that point alone is worth a month of double lattes!

Jim wraps up with some very practical hands-on advice on how to get going on Hadoop in your own data environment.  Time to get to the data nirvana where the more data comes in, the more value comes out – and the more businesses can ask meaningful questions of their data.  Like a shot of Italian espresso, the results are eye-opening.

Watch this space for the scoop on more Coffee @Actian with Ray episodes coming your way!

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