Introducing Coffee@Actian with Ray


You know that feeling of excitement you get when you’ve had an incredibly stimulating conversation with a true innovator? One where you leave inspired to go back and apply powerful new principles in your organization starting now? Then you know how we feel about the debut of Coffee@Actian with Ray, a new web series just launched by Actian this week.

This program is for all the innovative people who know that their organization’s data holds insights that could radically transform their business – but who know all too well that the road to big data nirvana is littered with failed initiatives. After all, you either have to seize the opportunity to transform your business with data-driven insights, or your competitors will take the initiative and out-innovate you.

NOW is the time to get started, and the best way to get going is to find and connect with the Age of Data winners to dig into their real-world success stories. Your guide on this journey is none other than Constellation Research Principal Analyst R “Ray” Wang, one of the most provocative change agents we know.

In this web series, Ray dives into hard-hitting, highly interactive conversations with big data disruptors to uncover exactly what they did, how they did it, and the impact on their business.  Picture today’s big thinkers having a chat about actionable ideas in a coffeehouse setting where “big data insights are brewed fresh.”  The bias is toward action:  the bedrock principle is to give you insights that you can apply in your own environment, starting today.

The power of what we’ve already captured is amazing, with fantastic inspiration from jam-packed conversations with executives from Sand Hill Group, Hortonworks and many other organizations.

We urge you to take action now. Engage with this content to transform your business with big data insights that personalize customer experience, radically reduce risk and lead you to outpace your competition with new business models and offerings. Follow #CoffeeAtActian on Twitter and check out the new Coffee@Actian site. Email us suggestions at for big data revolutionaries who would make a great guest on the show. (Maybe you’re one of them!)

It’s time to expand Big Data benefits beyond skunkworks projects and startups into mainstream operations where they can deliver their full impact. It’s time for Coffee@Actian with Ray. It’s time for Big Data for the Rest of Us.

About Coffee at Actian With Ray

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