Industrializing the Big Data Experience – Some Post-Strata Thoughts


It was an exhilarating experience last week interacting with fellow Actians, partners, prospects and customers like Evernote at Strata Santa Clara.  During the three days this time, it seemed that there was sense of calm confidence in the attendees compared to previous events where the chaos and skepticism around Big Data used to be pretty apparent.   The tide seems to be turning towards companies moving from POCs to actual production implementations of Big Data solutions.

A strong theme in conversations there was that we are at an inflection point in the world of big data – with a rapidly maturing ecosystem, especially around Hadoop, innovators like Actian are committed to making the benefits of Big Data Analytics available to all organizations, not just the select few.  Here’s some highlights I think are worth peeking at:

We’ve been anticipating and driving these trends at Actian for some time now, investing hundreds of man-years and hundreds of millions of dollars to deliver a completely modern end-to-end architecture that delivers amazing price performance with easy adoption and great usability – the Actian Analytics Platform™.  It’s why Actian is showing up on lists like Doug Henschen’s 16 Top Big Data Analytics Platforms at Information Week and Forbes Top 10 Big Data Pure-Plays 2014.  Not to mention Robin Bloor’s 10 Products That Exploit Parallelism at Inside Analytics and the 50 Swift and Strong in Big Data from Sand Hill Group.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m jazzed.  2014 is a phenomenally exciting year poised for a breakout of the business value for Big Data Analytics beyond early adopters with deep pockets and pricey data scientists.  It’s the year we move to Big Data for the Rest of Us™ – and it’s thrilling to be at Actian in the very heart of that seismic market shift!

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